Joey Heals Skin Issues, Improves Cognition On Carnivore Diet

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Joey is an 18 year old proponent of the carnivore diet. He will attend UCLA where he hopes to continue the journey towards establishing the link between nutrition and disease. He is a firm believer in the efficacy of a carnivore diet in both curing and preventing a plethora of health issues.

He has a youtube channel called Carnivore Camaraderie that he uses to share content in the form of anecdotal experiences, hard science, and interviews with professionals, all of which serve to reinforce his belief that a carnivore diet is the absolute best thing a person can do to achieve good health.

Joey differs from many other people within the carnivore community due to his unique appeal to a younger demographic. He wants to build a platform that can be used to clarify misconceptions and provide tools that people can use to become healthier. He hopes that, by spreading the right message, he can improve the world and help ameliorate many of peoples’ health problems.

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2 thoughts on “Joey Heals Skin Issues, Improves Cognition On Carnivore Diet”

  1. Wow, what an amazing interview! What an intelligent, well-spoken young man, I am so impressed. I think he will do great things! Apparently the carnivore diet not only improves health, but also creates leaders.

  2. Joey is amazing and an asset to the younger generation who really need to know this information on carnivore diet and nutrition! I really enjoy his informative interviews as well.
    That’s why I like this community there is always new knowledge to be had which can effectively be applied to my everyday living on carnivore and the benefits I directly have reaped in the last 7 months !I am blessed to have found this woe

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