Frank’s asthma was gone after he went on a carnivore diet

So many things to be thankful for…

There have been so many things that have changed for me that I have to write them down.  I don’t have my list with me so I will just cover the bigger one’s I remember, getting rid of my anxiety and improving asthma. I was not aware that so many things would be corrected when I started the Carnivore diet so I thank you so much for leading the way Dr. Baker. 

Every time I take a deep breath through my nose It almost feels like I am going to get high


Anxiety vanished

So first thing I noticed that my brain fog that I didn’t know I had went away ,about the same time as my anxiety.  The anxiety was so bad.  It was the kind you don’t talk about for fear of being put away in a loony bin if you get what I am saying.  

Asthma gone

Then all of a sudden the asthma that I have had for decades was gone.  My lungs were so clear I was afraid of taking a deep breath through my mouth for fear of my lungs exploding.  Also you know when your nose does that thing of partially blocking one side so that your sinus don’t dry up?  Yeah I can still breath through my nose when its doing that.  When I “had” my asthma I was usually having to breathe through my mouth.  Now, every time I take a deep breath through my nose It almost feels like I am going to get high.  Weird Huh?  On my last Doctor check up I didn’t have to breathe through my mouth for her to listen to my lungs.  Of course she didn’t notice or care.  

Doctors and their meds

All this doctor did was scold me about my fad diet of carnivore and prescribed a Staten for cholesterol of 220.  and High blood pressure meds for 131 over 73.  So I am going AMA on those two meds.  If she would bother to look at my chart history she would know that has been my B/P for the past 5 years if not more.  I think she did that cause of the Carnivore.  Not once did she even ask me how I was feeling.  I really don’t think I have ever felt this good. 


Aches and pains, gone too

There was some knee and hip pain that has since gone away and a few other details that are more minor so I won’t bother you with them.  Thank you so much for changing my life for the so soo much better.


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