Donna Healed from Adrenal Insufficiency

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“I have felt fat my whole life. I have struggled my whole life to just keep

off a few pounds. At my heaviest I was 326 pounds. I used HCG, a notso-great way to lose weight and ended up at 170. I was happy there, but

again it was a struggle to stay there after I started to reintroduce

food. Doctors said just exercise more and you will be fine.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and Fibro myxoid

Spindle Cell Sarcoma Cancer. My struggle continued as I put back on

weight due to illness and medication. From 2018 until about June 2021 I

tried to do nutritional keto, spent hundreds on meal plans, and tried a

plethora of other things. I would lose and gain the same two pounds. I

was tired, losing my hair, my cystic acne was coming back, and I was

depressed and desperate. The worst part, if there could be anything

worse, was the radiation burn from treatment would not heal all the way.

It constantly itched and hurt. The doctors said it might never heal, so I

needed to get used to it.

When I found carnivore, I felt like I had hit my last chance. I was terrified

to try it and fail. I joined a couple of zoom groups hoping this would

work. I thought if I could just lose weight, my health would get better.

The treatment for cancer and adrenal insufficiency left me with

autoimmune eczema and asthma, hypoglycemia, IBS-A, bloating, and

heartburn. Each time a new symptom came, a new medication came

until I was on 21 medications and 10 different creams for my skin issues.

What I found in the groups and in carnivore eating CHANGED MY LIFE. I

found friendship, strength, kindness and so much knowledge. In the

beginning I thought there was no way what everyone said would work. I

discovered weight loss was not the primary focus for me; healing was. I

discovered weight loss would be a biproduct of a healthy body.

When I told my husband how scared I was, he said, “What do you have

to lose. Donna you have paid hundreds of dollars for PDF books that

were a one size fits all health fix, for shots, and pills and God knows what

else. You put your faith in doctors and all kinds of crazy crap. What did it

get you? You are emotionally stressed and worried, physically sick,

metabolically sick, with cancer and adrenal issues. All of this prevents

you from living your best life. Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame you; I’m

not made and it’s not your fault, but it is the truth.

You pay a few dollars per month for a couple of groups, cheapest you

have ever paid for any weight loss program, and you hear these people

tell you to get off the sweeteners, which you already know are bad for

you, and to just eat meat. And you can eat as much meat and as often

as you want. You have trusted every other whack job out there and these

people who are telling you to eat what man has eaten since the dawn of

time is where you are going to draw the line!? This is where you say this

might be the craziest thing you’ve heard, and you don’t know if you can

do it?

What is crazier Donna them or every other fly by night thing you put

your faith in? What is 30 days? How much sicker and more screwed up

do you think meat is going to make you in a measly 30 days? Just go all

in like you have with every other fly by night diet and see where you are

on the other side.”

So, I listened to everything that was said and soaked up all the

information I could. I gave up artificial sweeteners, I threw out the scale

and I ate when I was hungry and didn’t when I was not. The healing

began and never stopped.

I kept a journal of my healing. Today I am 20 pounds lighter. The

greatest part is my health is better than it has ever been I have three

pages of non-scale victories.

  • I’m off all medications except one.
  • No steroids for adrenal insufficiency
  • My adrenals are working again.
  • My hair is growing everywhere.
  • I have zero joint pain/stiffness.
  • My mood and energy soar daily.
  • I have lost 36 total body inches
  • Went from a size 22 to a 14.
  • No heartburn or bloating.
  • Autoimmune eczema GONE.
  • Hypoglycemia GONE
  • Acne GONE.
  • Asthma GONE
  • Radiation burn from my first sarcoma treatment HEALED

AND when they found my second sarcoma, I was three months into


The Carnivore way, SAVED my life. I am a better, healthier, calmer person,

wife, grandmother, mother, sister, and friend because I trusted the

process, never gave up and just ate meat.

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