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German Shepherd diagnosed with cancer thriving on carnivore diet

In May of 2019 my beloved German Shepherd was diagnosed with colon cancer she was just 6 years old.  The vet told me that it was not curable even with surgery, chemo and radiation.  With all those things she could possibly live 12 months, without them I was looking at 2-5 months tops.  

Heat broken, I decided not to put her through those things since they could not cure her.  I decided to make her last months the best I could and I accidentally put her on the carnivore diet.  I figured if she only had a few months to live I’d spoil her with steaks, burgers, chicken and pork.  And that’s all she ate with occasional cheese.     

Now 16 months in she’s still thriving.  She’s great, you wouldn’t even know she was sick if you didn’t know.  Every three months I take her to the vet and they 

1) can’t believe she’s still with us and; 

2) when I tell them what she’s eating they try and get me to put her back on dry dog food telling me her diet isn’t giving her enough nutrients?  

It’s so crazy, I mean she’s lived long past their guess, why would I do that?  So crazy!!  And I feel they are a good vet?  So confusing?  After seeing her success I decided to join her in solidarity and have started my own journey and have never felt better.  I hope to write you back again soon with my own sucess story.

Watch or listen to Tiber’s success story on the podcast below: 

Adam overcomes plant-based diet, has improvements on carnivore diet

Discover how Adam (and his dog!) both overcame the negative effects of a plant-based diet, and the many benefits that have come along with the Carnivore Diet, including better athletic performance and recovery, better digestion, mental clarity, and clearer skin.

Adam is 42 years old and has been following the Carnivore Diet for two and a half years. In his late thirties, Adam was consuming up to two pounds of fruit and vegetables per day. He even foraged for dandelions and would consume them and other oxalate-heavy greens by the handful every day.

No stranger to trying new approaches to eating and health, Adam eventually became interested in weight loss and experimented with paleo, keto, and fasting. “Then I discovered Dr. Shawn Baker talking about the Carnivore Diet, and I saw that he wasn’t dying, so I decided to give it a try myself.”

Since following the Carnivore Diet, Adam enjoyed fitness and strength improvements as soon as his first few weeks. “I’ve experienced greater strength during my workouts, higher energy levels, and much faster recovery from intense exercise.” He goes on to describe his specific routine and notes that he’s able to accomplish all of it in a fasted state.

His results led him to look more into the ancestral lifestyles and he implemented barefoot-style running shoes into his routine. “After learning about the Carnivore Diet, I got more interested in the Paleolithic lifestyle and how humans can thrive and optimize their potential.”

In addition to his fitness and endurance, Adam has enjoyed amazing oral hygiene and gum health that began as soon as he started the Carnivore Diet. “When I was younger, I drank a lot of sugary and caffeinated drinks and used hard-bristled toothbrushes. I basically destroyed my gums. I had seven surgeries in my thirties. But now, in my early forties, my gums are healthy! The dentist actually called over the other staff to show them how white my teeth are due to all the minerals in the meat I’m eating.”

Adam’s skin also improved, and he no longer suffers from eczema and sores on his tongue due to autoimmune reactions. His skin is much less sensitive, and he no longer gets painful sunburns.

Most recently, Adam has experimented with the “raw carnivore” approach, and consumes raw beef regularly. While this approach isn’t for everyone, Adam found it gave him even better digestion. Adam explains, “It’s an indication to me that we evolved to eat raw meat.”

To Adam’s delight, his 12 year old dog has also experienced incredible results and healing after switching to an all-meat diet. Previously on a plant-based diet for nine years, Adam’s furry friend suffered from missing teeth and chronic fungal ear infections. “He’s nearly 12 years old now, and everyone thinks he is a puppy because he’s so energetic and full of life, and so fit as a carnivore!”

Adam’s mental clarity has also improved on the Carnivore Diet. “My brain works like a machine”, he says. “I used to need a mental break after 10 minutes of intense concentration, but now I can concentrate for long periods of time.”

Cravings for plant foods have completely gone away, and with it, any seasonal allergies Adam used to suffer from. “I used to have hayfever, joint pain, and itchiness, all those are gone now.”

Adam’s final word of advice to new carnivores? “Persistence! My results didn’t come right away. Now, at the two-and-a-half year mark, I’m thriving physically. Keep up with it, and don’t quit.”

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