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Gina manages IBS, anemia, joint pain, migraines, anxiety, and mood on the carnivore diet

I’m Gina. I’m a 52 year old wife, mom and dental hygienist. I had my two oldest when I was in my early 20s and became very physically active when they were little to stay in shape. I lifted weights and even worked at a gym as a trainer. In my 30s I was involved in karate, and in my 40s and 50s I was running. In the 90s, the “fat makes you fat” idea was in full swing. You could eat all the Snack Well cookies you wanted, just stay away from butter. I followed that but eventually transitioned into more of a mainstream diet most of my life. I also figured I had wiggle room due to being active so I never turned down chips, cookies, cake, etc.

In 2019 I was 49 and had been running several years doing everything from 5ks all the way to ultramarathons. I was looking ahead to 2020 when I would be turning 50 and decided to celebrate by signing up for a 50 mile race. It was a good training year until end of summer, early fall. I started to experience trouble running. I would get very winded and unable to continue. I’d go for a 6 mile run and quit in the first mile or two. My legs felt like they were stuck in wet cement. Severe fatigue, numbness and tingling followed. MS was suspected so I had MRIs, tests and a spinal tap. All came back fine, and I had no diagnosis for the illness.

I quit running for six months, but was desperate to feel better. I began to think about my diet. My best friend and running partner is vegan. Everywhere you turn, vegan is promoted as the healthiest diet. I decided to give it a try. I watched all the documentaries. I liked Game Changers because it was about athletes. I was whole food, plant based for 18 months. At first things went well. I began running again, and it felt good to have such a “healthy” diet. I even got my certification in plant based nutrition. I was gearing up for possibly health coaching.

As time went by, my health began to decline. But I had no idea it was diet related. I had gallbladder pain and an ultrasound revealed a polyp. I had my gallbladder removed. I had IBS for about 10 years, it was mostly manageable but suddenly was becoming really bad. It was interfering with my work. It got so bad at one point it I almost had to quit my job. My cycle became extremely heavy and painful. I had a hysterectomy. Then one night I woke with my heart pounding and I was panting. A trip to the ER revealed severe anemia. They wanted to give me a transfusion, but I managed to hold them off and got 4 weekly iron infusions. My bones and joints began to ache really badly. I was Googling bone cancer. Brain fog and some cognitive issues began to arise. I was sure I was dying from something.

I quit veganism in early 2022, not because I thought the diet was the problem, but because I figured, what’s the point in eating well if I’m just going to feel like garbage anyway. I spent about 6 months alternating between a terrible diet and trying to get back to veganism, but I just was over it. I gained 20 pounds. I felt like my health was in freefall.

Then I read a blog post by The Peasant’s Daughter called “Why I Am No Longer Vegan”. It was the first time the idea that the diet may have been behind my health troubles. Down the rabbit hole I went, consuming everything I could and eventually landed on the countless stories of carnivores.

I transitioned slowly because I wasn’t completely sure it was a good idea. I took things out of my diet like vegetables, kept things like oatmeal, and increased meat. For 2 months I worked toward carnivore, which I think helped me transition because I never got the keto flu. Mid December I was pretty much full carnivore.

I lost the 20 pounds I gained. My joint and bone pain disappeared. My migraines were about 90% gone. Brain fog gone. Energy soared. But the biggest, most wonderful thing has been that my IBS is gone. To live life like a normal person and not have a brain completely consumed with going to the bathroom or holding in gas. Just a feeling of nothing going on in my gut. It is unreal.

I want to learn and devour everything I can about this way of life. I no longer think about food all day. I know that this way of eating could stave off Alzheimer’s which I am at great risk of developing. I’m lifting again and feel better, stronger, more energetic than I have in years. I’m even beginning to talk with my dental patients about this diet. Everyday I see patients trapped in bad metabolic health. My hope is more people can heal like I did.

Amanda B heals from migraines, gastroparesis, IBS, gastritis, anxiety, and SIBO

Amanda is located near Eugene, Oregon, and has an amazing healing story.

In 2011, Amanda began experiencing intermittent episodes of symptoms. She says, “I was getting intermittent bouts of flu-type symptoms where it was like every three or four months. I just started getting nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness, brain fog.” This lasted from 2011 to 2015”

Her symptoms would continue, worsening over a four year and three doctor period, with no answers or relief. “I was having severe diarrhea, vomiting every morning, dry heaving; it just was exhausting. Then to try to go to work after multiple hours of being sick.”

In 2018, she ended up in the ER, and “they found a fecal block in my small intestine. I had to go through 14 days of a water fast, with two bowel preps, to clear the fecal block in my small intestine.” Amanda had a colonoscopy, which found nothing. All of her tests in 2018 were normal. “They never talked to me about diet.”

“At the end of 2019, my sister-in-law said ‘have you ever heard of SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth?” Amanda would learn she did have SIBO, and started following a keto diet. Keto would help a little, but she still had the same symptoms.

In November 2020, Amanda had a “massive migraine with a seizure, brought on by sugar, that left me with stroke-like symptoms.” She had to stay in her bed, with all the windows covered and silent, and could not walk or dress herself.

Because of visual symptoms, she saw an optometrist, who sent her to a neurologist for an MRI. She was still “completely non-functional.” The neurologist saw something wrong with her optic nerve and some swelling of her cranial arteries and started her on Topamax, which didn’t help at all.

She was prescribed hormones and anti-anxiety medications, which only helped a little. Amanda could only look at screens for 15 minutes before going temporarily blind in 2022.

By the end of 2021, Amanda still had the same symptoms. A friend suggested that she had idiopathic intracranial hypertension, and Amanda found a carnivore YouTuber who had healed from it. On February 5, 2022, Amanda started her carnivore diet. “Within 12 days, my visuals were almost completely gone… My head pressure was gone.” Her next MRI would show that the arteries in her head were back to normal. “By August of last year, I would say that I was about 80 percent better.”

At this point, Amanda’s eyes have returned to normal. Her neurologist continued to say that she shouldn’t be on a carnivore diet (despite witnessing her progress) while her primary care supported her choice since it helped. Her optometrist is now also following a carnivore diet, as is her father.

She is back to working and is also now a carnivore and fasting coach.


Lasse No Longer Has Migraines On The Carnivore Diet

Since I was 25 I’ve been suffering from what you would call debilitating migraine attacks at the scale of 15-25 days a month. (I’m now 35). I would have such severe headaches that the only form of remedy was sitting in a steaming hot shower with water running down my head for hours. The attacks also came with migraine auras such as paralyzing my right side of my torso, leg and arm, blinding my eye, zig zag lights, feeling of floating in the air, dizziness, ear pain and on the list goes.

I went through 4 MRI scans to rule out any form of stroke.

I visited 8 different neurologists in 3 different countries to try and deal with it. Every neurologist prescribed me another form of medicine such as epilepsy meds, blood thinners and other forms of drugs which I honestly can’t remember. Not a single drug helped me.

I’ve also suffered from really bad IBS since I was a kid, never ending on/off diarrhea. No doctor ever told me perhaps an elimination diet would do that trick. They just told me “take some more probiotics”, which never actually worked.

I’ve always been exercising and in good shape since I was 20. Strength training 6 days a week, swimming and playing golf.

After listening to you on JRE I decided to give the carnivore diet a try. I went full elimination for 30 days with only eating meat and organs. I cut out all the processed junk. All sugar, all diet cokes, smoking, stopped drinking alcohol, etc.

After 30 days I added avocado to my diet, which worked fine, later on I added a bit of fruits here and there, organic papaya and some wild organic honey after listening to Paul Saladino. My body tolerated this quite well, I did however get some sort of “brain fog” which was quite similar to my migraine auras when I ate too much fruit. I now have a spoon of honey daily, an avocado and perhaps 1 piece of fruit, which works just fine.

After changing my diet, I stopped all forms of medication. I’m now down to having about 1 migraine attack with very minor pain and no auras about once a month!!!!!!

I’ve visited quite a few neurologists after I started my diet years ago, but not a single one seemed very interested in what I experienced. They just looked at my cholesterol and suggested perhaps I should stop and start taking some statins.

I was really hoping that perhaps you could give me some clue to what the heck happened to my brain to suddenly be able to function in a “normal” way!

You have absolutely no idea how grateful I am to both you and Joe for literally letting me live my life again!!

No idea if you’ll ever read this, but my parents always taught me to let someone know if they did something good to others.

In your contact information on “success stories”, it said something about a podcast, I’m not sure what that involves but I’d be happy to tell my story so other people with migraines can benefit just like I did!

Best regards and I wish you all the best!


Allie Manages Her Son’s Non-Verbal Autism

As a young woman, Allie Morgan battled issues that ran the gamut from IBS, seizures, migraines to bipolar disorder. After a series of health setbacks landed her in the hospital, she reached out to an uncle who had been managing his diabetes with a low-carb diet, and after delving into the literature herself, she took the plunge implementing a carnivore-based diet—and has been thrilled with the results ever since. Besides shedding the extra pounds she had accumulated since high school, she was able to get off the copious amounts of medication that she had been taking for years. “I remember talking to a friend of mine, and looking her dead in the eye and telling her, ‘This is the first time in my life that I feel like I’m a normal person with normal moods.”

Allie’s health transformation isn’t the only dynamic carnivore story she has to tell. The journey of her then 4 year old son’s autism and subsequent transformation is enough to make any parent sit up and take notice. Allie says that while her kids at home did eat small amounts of sugar and white flour, they were rare treats and mostly crowded out by healthy proteins and fats. At that time, she considered her son as having high-functioning autism—but everything changed when she went on a trip for ten days and left her kids with their loving (but high-carb/low-fat eating) grandparents.

When she returned, she found her son had completely shut down—rocking back and forth, unable to make eye contact and completely non-verbal. Initially thinking it was a typical meltdown, it wasn’t until she got back home that she realized that it wasn’t, and that he had regressed to being unable to function or communicate at all.

“I gave myself 20 minutes permission to just melt down and cry because I think every parent deserves to just have at least 20 minutes to react to a diagnosis. I chose the carnivore diet because I knew it was the complete way to eliminate everything that he could possibly be reacting to.”

After three days on the carnivore diet, her son started coming out of it, returning to the level he was functioning at before the visit. To make the transition slightly easier, Allie allowed her children a small almond and coconut flour cookie for dessert. She also designed her son’s meals around his favorite meats—eggs, bacon, sausage and chicken. The doctors had told Allie to expect significant developmental delays, but after just 27 days on the diet, her son potty trained himself, and has since started to learn to read all on his own.

“I was hoping to get back the child I had before, and what I got—doing a more restrictive diet—was an even higher functioning, happier, more social child…there’s a lot of times that you can see where he’s had some problems, but we actually have to tell people he’s autistic now— because they don’t even notice.” Now age 7, Allie’s son is enrolled in public school—happily learning in a classroom with regular students.

When asked hypothetically if she was encountered with a world where meat intake was restricted—Allie says the quality of her son’s life would be destroyed. “After doing the research that I’ve done, and just seeing what nutrition the body actually requires—and what the sources of those particular types of nutrition are—the only thing that I found that basically has every single component that you absolutely need are animal-based products.”

Reagan heals from stuttering, stress, anxiety, pain, aches, dizziness, insomnia, obesity

Before the carnivore diet I was suffering with chronic depression, stress,  and anxiety. I would have panic attacks at night constantly along with sleep insomnia. All throughout my younger years it would take me 5-8 hours to fall asleep as i couldn’t fall asleep no matter the medication.  I sufferd with asthma as well; all throughout my life I was being rushed to hospitals in the middle of the night because i couldn’t breathe and my rescue inhaler wouldn’t work. 

Later in life in my teenage years was when the depression started. I tried ending my life on multiple occasions. Along with the stress, depression, and panic attacks at night, I also was suffering with chronic pain, head to toes. I had migrains and headaches almost every day non-stop. My joints were always killing me. I took pain killers all the time and nothing seemed to work. I was at even balding as a teenager and had horrible skin, I broke out bad. 

The heaviest I got up to was 258 pounds. I was obese and suffering. Although not diagnosed by a doctor, my blood pressure would shoot up when I tested it, and I would get so dizzy that I would literally fall it was just random spikes throughout the day. I knew something was off when everything around me started spinning. 

I also have been stuttering since I first began talking and went to speech therapy from before I was even in school to 7th grade. Eventually, I stopped trying; I just figured I would be stuttering forever. 

With carnivore, my depression has completely gone away. My stress, anxiety, pain, aches, dizziness, sleep, insomnia, and obesity are all gone. My stuttering has improved drastically. I stutter only once in a while now, whereas before it was every single word. I haven’t had any asthma attacks or breathing problems since going on this diet over 2 years ago . My hair grows like weeds now. Also, no more balding, no more skin issues, just everything is amazing and I’m no longer suffering.

Jean lowered TSH which shows Hashimoto is on the mend on from a carnivore way of eating

Jean has a long history of dieting, and started out being overweight as a child. While she was “almost normal as a teenager,” she found herself struggling with her weight in her twenties and thirties. She is 5’ 4”, and found her weight fluctuating between 130 and 140, even occasionally to 160 pounds.

At the age of 40 she was diagnosed with a herniated disc in her back, and “couldn’t walk for a while.” But, there was more to come: “Then I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, which at first was like ‘I’m really, really tired’ and I just gained ten pounds in like three months. ‘I don’t know what’s going on’ and my doctor said ‘you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, it’s no big deal, take this pill’ and I leave with a prescription for Levothyroxine.”

This helped Jean a little, and she did lose some weight but then “it stopped working…from that time on I never felt right, my energy was never right, I had a long list of symptoms, lots of headaches, cold all the time, no motivation.”

This continued into Jean’s late 40’s, when perimenopause hit and she got 4-5 hours of sleep per night, with frequent hot flashes. She decided to cut out sugar, exercised “a little”, and “Tried a low fat diet, it didn’t work.”

Jean saw a program to help with the thyroid by stabilizing blood sugar, eating dairy products and drinking orange juice several times a day. It helped a little, but she saw her triglyceride levels go “through the roof.”

Then she tried the autoimmune protocol diet for a year, and got down to 120 pounds, but it didn’t help much in other ways. When she tried reintroducing foods, she found herself eating more and gaining weight.

Jean decided to go keto, and did it for 3 days, but found Dr. Baker, Dr. Berry, and Michaela Peterson. She found Michaela’s carnivore story very compelling. Because Jean still had a lot of symptoms, she decided to go on a carnivore diet. Her diet is beef, liver, and bone marrow. She found that her blood sugar became perfectly steady, and now her headaches are gone also after slightly reducing the total amount of food she eats. Jean now weighs 110 pounds.

Jean finally saw meaningful improvement in both her lab values and how she feels, saying “My HDL and Triglycerides are awesome, like my HDL is 93 and my triglycerides are 87 or 90.”

She eats mostly beef, with “about 20 grams of added fat for every 100 grams of lean meat, I usually use bone marrow…it’s pretty tasty like butter!” Jean also eats some beef liver a few days a week, with salt and water. She drinks bone broth also, as she finds that it prevents muscle cramps that she had at first.

Overall, Jean is happy to have finally found a diet that works to restore her health!

Cindy resolved liver issues, headaches, fatigue, brain lesions all from a Carnivore lifestyle

Cindy has had a myriad of health issues throughout her life. Cindy was diagnosed with lupus which made her feel heavily fatigued, and she often struggled to get out of bed before eleven in the morning. Cindy was also diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome; her doctor even discovered white matter, or tumors, on her brain.

Cindy’s lupus made it difficult to walk. She says, “I felt like I was carrying an extra eight hundred pounds.” Her lupus also affected her extremities, like her hands and feet, and the nerves used for her breathing and heartbeat. Before she found the carnivore diet, Cindy was a vegetarian for seven years. Cindy says her health conditions continued to worsen, and she was put on multiple medications.

Cindy was desperate to find something that could help her. Cindy consulted her doctors, who told her to follow a “healthier” version of the Standard American Diet– lots of grains and very little fat and protein. That diet did little to help Cindy, so she searched for answers independently.

Like many others, she first began her journey to the carnivore diet with the ketogenic diet. Cindy says she followed a leptin-free version of the keto diet which included a lot of vegetables and some meat. Cindy says reducing her carbohydrate intake helped her feel better within a few weeks; however, she still felt like her body was struggling.

One day she was searching the internet and began learning about oxalates and other plant toxins. Cindy decided to try cutting vegetables from her diet. Cindy says she didn’t like meat then but soon found she was craving it. She also found the meat satisfied her in a way that vegetables couldn’t.

Cindy says slowly, she felt better. Her eight hundred pounds started to feel like more like a five hundred pound weight, and then one hundred. She also had an annual MRI performed on her brain during this time, where her doctors were shocked to find all the white matter was gone. Cindy says today she doesn’t feel cured entirely, but rather, more normal. She can now get up between five and six in the morning to exercise, something she could never do in the past.

Cindy says she eats three meals daily but has recently found she is practically forcing herself to eat lunch. And so, she is considering moving to more of a two-meal-a-day schedule with breakfast and dinner. Cindy also says her body craves and prefers beef, so she eats beef most often. Cindy does eat eggs and drinks coffee, but since she is lactose intolerant, she avoids cheese. Cindy has also found a love for liver and says it gives her energy. Cindy has also added a few vegetables but practices caution when eating anything outside of animal products.

Cindy has come a long way in her health journey. She has reduced and even eliminated some medications doctors told her she would be on for the rest of her life. Cindy is grateful that she discovered the carnivore diet and plans to tweak it as she goes. She says she feels like she isn’t completely cured but is finding what works best for her.

Hannah eliminated migraines, healed her skin from rashes and acne on a carnivore diet

Hannah grew up in a low-income family, so many meals “came from a box.” Hannah says her mom would make a roast or something homemade on Sundays, but she ate ramen noodles, boxed macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti every other day of the week. Hannah gained weight as a child and teen and developed migraines in the sixth grade. Through multiple doctors and testing, it was determined Hannah had developed a pseudotumor (fatty tumor) behind her eye, most likely caused by excess weight.

Hannah was put on multiple medications and was told by a nutritionist to eat lean meats and whole grains to combat her tumor. Hannah also developed cystic acne, particularly on her legs, which she said was painful and often looked like boils. Additionally, Hannah had pain from inflammation in her knees and other joints, and at just nineteen years old, she had her gallbladder removed.

Hannah tried to follow the advice her nutritionist gave her. However, Hannah says her diet of mostly chicken breast and whole grain bread did little to help her body heal, nor was it sustainable. One day she heard Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson share their testimonies of the carnivore diet on the Joe Rogan podcast. Hannah says she was intrigued by their success and wondered if the carnivore diet could also help her heal her body.

Hannah first dabbled with the carnivore way of eating in November 2018. She says she picked a horrible time to start as she headed into the holidays; however, she committed in January 2019 to follow the carnivore diet for thirty days. Hannah says she felt so good after those thirty days, three years later, she still follows the carnivore diet.

Hannah says she was shocked that she had very few transitional issues when she first started the carnivore diet– especially since she does not have a gallbladder. Hannah also says the first improvement she noticed on the diet was her mood; she felt incredibly happy. Hannah says her energy also increased very quickly with the diet. However, Hannah’s most significant achievement has been her incredible weight loss. Hannah lost one hundred pounds with minimal exercise within eighteen months on the diet.

Today Hannah tries to work out more, though she says she isn’t consistent with it. Hannah says she has always followed a one-meal-a-day schedule on her carnivore journey. Hannah also says when she first started following the carnivore way of eating, she ate a lot of eggs. Unfortunately, she noticed that eggs made her feel bloated, so she eventually eliminated them from her diet. Today Hannah says she eats a lot of steaks (particularly ribeyes) and ground beef. Hannah also drinks coffee, sometimes with lactose-free half and half and a dash of cinnamon for a treat.

Hannah’s carnivore journey has also been a bit of a family affair. Her husband was a strict carnivore diet follower for three months with her and noticed his acid reflux had disappeared. Since then, he has added a few foods, like potatoes, back in, and Hannah says she can see some of his symptoms returning. Hannah also has a stepson who has lost twenty pounds on the carnivore diet.

Hannah says her advice for anyone wanted to begin their journey with the carnivore way of eating is to do a lot of research. She says following carnivore advocates online and listening to success stories helped her. Hannah also says to “give the diet thirty days.” Hannah knows anyone can see success with the carnivore way of eating, just like she did.


Joseph lost 100 pounds, cured migraines, insomnia, pre-diabetes, and GERD on a Carnivore diet

Joseph has been struggling with his weight for most of his life. By the time he was in his mid-thirties, Joseph weighed around 330 pounds. Joseph says he spent almost a decade around that weight until he was in his mid-forties. He developed many health conditions as his body struggled to handle the extra stress from being overweight.

Joseph says he was prediabetic and had high blood pressure issues, and he took medications every day to help keep his levels down. Additionally, he struggled with GERD, insomnia, and migraines. Joseph was also starting to have problems with his liver, and he says his doctor suspected he had fatty liver disease.

Joseph says there were some days he could hardly go up the stairs in his home because he was in so much pain. He tried many different diets but said none seemed to stick. Joseph works in healthcare. One day, Gary Taubes, who wrote the book “The Case Against Sugar,” gave a lecture at Joseph’s workplace. Despite what he had been taught previously about healthy eating over the years, Joseph began to wonder if a low-sugar or low-carbohydrate diet could be the answer.

Joseph consulted with his primary care physician, who advised him against a low-carb diet, but he decided to try it anyway. He says he received regular bloodwork as he embarked on his low-carb journey and kept expecting his levels to be elevated or the diet not to work. However, not only did his bloodwork slowly return to normal ranges, Joseph lost ten to twenty pounds each month as a low-carb diet follower.

While following the low-carb diet, Joseph says he mainly ate meat-based with cheese, salads, and wine occasionally. Joseph then transitioned to a carnivore diet, where he continued to lose weight. Today, Joseph has lost over one hundred pounds, now weighing around a muscular 225 pounds, and has maintained his weight loss. He even incorporated weightlifting several months into his journey and currently competes in powerlifting competitions. Joseph says he continues to push himself and has been breaking his own personal records and gaining strength as a carnivore diet follower.

Beyond his incredible weight loss, Joseph says he is off all medications. Joseph also says he no longer struggles with migraines, GERD, insomnia, or joint pain and feels better than he did years ago. Something that Joseph wasn’t expecting, cysts on his back which he had had since he was in his early twenties, also disappeared once he started following the carnivore way of eating.

Joseph says his version of the carnivore diet is straightforward. However, his diet is similar to his meat-based keto days, without vegetables. Joseph also says as a medical professional, the carnivore diet goes against what he has been taught, but his results with the carnivore lifestyle speak for themselves.

Joseph is thankful he has proven his education and doctor wrong and that he has learned what works for his body. He strives to continue gaining strength and improving his powerlifting and overall health.

Debbie reversed T2D, high blood pressure, migraines, psoriasis on Carnivore lifestyle

Debbie grew up living back and forth between the United Kingdom and Australia. Debbie has always been a little bigger, even as a child. Debbie says she had people who told her she would lose her “puppy fat” when she got older. However, as Debbie became a teenager, she only continued to gain weight. She says the narrative changed from the extra fat on her body being cute to the weight being her fault.

Debbie was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrom (PCOS) and high blood pressure in her early adulthood. She started attending weight loss groups where she was told to eat a low-fat diet, which meant very little meat. Debbie says the low-fat diet never worked because she was always hungry.

In her mid to late twenties, Debbie was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and her weight topped at almost three hundred pounds. Besides her weight, Debbie also struggled with insomnia and cluster headaches (migraines). Debbie says she knew she had an addiction to carbohydrates and often hid the addiction from her family. She describes eating an entire bag of family-size potato chips daily as a stay-at-home mom.

Debbie started going to meetings for her diabetes. In the meetings, the speakers recommended eating foods like wheat bread. When Debbie inquired about the bread spiking her sugar levels, she was told she should take insulin. At that point, Debbie knew she did not want to take additional medication and wanted to take control of her diabetes and focus on her nutrition.

Debbie started with a low-carbohydrate diet, which turned into a ketogenic diet. Debbie says the ketogenic diet helped, but she often found herself going down rabbit holes of complicated recipes and hard-to-find ingredients. Debbie then came across Dr. Robert Cywes, an advocate for the carnivore diet. Debbie says at first, she thought the carnivore diet sounded crazy, but she felt desperate.

On June 12th, Debbie started her carnivore journey alongside her husband (who was considering going vegan at the time.) In less than a year, Debbie has lost seventy-seven pounds and is no longer considered a type 2 diabetic, nor does she have high blood pressure or PCOS. Additionally, she no longer struggles with insomnia and hasn’t had a cluster headache since starting the carnivore lifestyle. Debbie also has psoriasis that disappeared within three months following the carnivore diet.

Debbie says her version of the carnivore diet is straightforward. She describes eating the food pyramid for dinner every day: a piece of bacon, on top of a piece of chicken, on top of a steak. She also enjoys eating pork and biltong and will eat dairy socially. Debbie says one of her favorite things about the carnivore diet is its simplicity.

Debbie also says it’s easy to find motivation with the carnivore diet because the results are so dramatic and life-changing. Her advice to anyone looking to start their carnivore journey is to “keep it simple.” Before finding the carnivore diet, Debbie’s doctors told her she had maybe ten more years to live. Now that she is living her best and healthiest life, she is looking forward to a long future thanks to the carnivore diet.

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