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Jon heals from gut issues, fatigue, and arthritis

I was a raw vegan/fruitarian for 7 years. I was actually an influencer in that community and offered health consultations helping people heal chronic degenerative diseases using a fruitarian diet and now do the same thing but now recommending an animal-based diet/carnivore. I’ve actually helped many in the short term heal cancer, arthritis, skin conditions, etc. But I watched the same people including myself start to degenerate trying to maintain this diet in the long term. I’m a certified detoxification specialist and online iridologist.

For the last 1 1/2 years of the 7 years being vegan mostly fruitarian/raw vegan I developed major gut issues. Gi pain and digestive problems and blood sugar issues. This was also very common with my clients that were long-term vegan.

The more I continued to eat a high-fiber diet the more I continued to degenerate. Skin problems, gut pain, malnutrition, and depression.

I started having cravings for eggs and I mean intense cravings. My instincts told me to eat them and to adopt a mainly carnivore diet to heal my gut. I listened and it dramatically changed my life for the good!!! In only 3 months I can proudly say I have no more gut issues!!

I’ve been on a mainly carnivore diet for 4 months now. My muscles came back, testosterone came up. Consistent energy. Zero gut pain. No constant gas and zero bloat and no more depression!!! And I feel like the 25-year-old bull I once was at 37!!!

I will send you a pic of how skinny I got as a fruitarian 5 years ago and what I look like now on a zero fiber 90% carnivore diet. The only plant food I consume living on an island (koh Phangan) in Thailand is fresh coconut water out of Thai coconut which does not cause me any issue at all.

This photo here was when I was super emaciated at 105 lbs when I was 100% fruitarian the other pics were when I was high raw vegan towards the end of my vegan journey. I was still very skinny and underweight at 120 lbs

My diet now is muscle meats, liver, and coconut water.

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me and im hoping to bring more awareness to people especially the fruitarians and raw vegans that are in denial like I was and have major eating disorders.

James gets off all psych meds on a carnivore diet

My name is James. I am 27 years old and have suffered immensely from mental health issues since I was 6 years old. I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on psych medication in kindergarten. I also was depressed as a child which progressed as I became a teenager. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with Bipolar and schizo affective disorder. I am now 27 and have been hospitalized due to manic episodes over 200 times. I was told I would never live a normal life and always have to be on medications which caused obesity due to elevating my insulin and blood sugar.

I came across the work of dr. Shawn baker and dr. Chris Palmer. I began intermittent fasting and eating carnivore and within 2 weeks my lifelong depression lifted. I also lost 25 pounds in those 2 weeks. I went from 270 pounds to 245. I had metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, triglycerides and blood sugar) and my labs have all normalized. This is just the beginning of my journey and I am so grateful. I have been on this diet for 1 month and plan to do it for the rest of my life. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I also check my blood ketones daily to make sure I am in ketosis, usually between 3-5 ml. All of my mental health issues have been put into remission as well as my life long psoriasis that covered my face and scalp.

Thank you Shawn Baker for having the courage to speak the truth. You have saved my life and the lives of future generations by sharing this knowledge. I plan to share my story to try and help heal others who are needlessly suffering. There are no words to express my gratitude.

Ex-Plant Eater Josie Defeats Ulcerative Colitis

Josephine (a.k.a. @theexplanteater) is a 27 year-old ex-vegan and has recently healed ulcerative colitis after transitioning to the carnivore diet after 14 years of veganism. She became vegan at the age of 13 and stubbornly continued with it for the following 14 years, dealing with continual and worsening digestive issues, mental health issues, premature aging, lack of energy, and hormonal imbalances. She finally considered including animal products again last May to see if it would help her colitis and was shocked to find that within a few weeks her severe colitis symptoms had healed (this was while taking no medication). Seeing the healing power of eating these foods led her down the rabbit hole of research, which led to her finding people like Dr. Baker and the carnivore diet, and she has since fine-tuned her diet to continually heal her digestive issues as well as the other issues veganism left her with. She hasn’t had a colitis flare up since June of last year, medication free, which is incredibly relieving seeing as her worst flare up almost killed her. She’s now a pretty outspoken advocate for the carnivore diet with a very critical view of veganism. 

Ray’s Scale No Longer Dies Beneath Him

Age: 65

Very Low Carb , meat heavy “Ketovore” for 2 1/2 years.

Was formerly athletic, became morbidly obese, peaking at least 365 pounds I actually don’t know HOW HIGH my final weight went because my scale DIED beneath me one morning. Within half a year of this dietary change (heavy meat ketovore) , I was down to 332 pounds and feeling great.

My food before Ketovore was primarily ‘rice and something’. Lots of veggies, peppers, onions ginger/garlic and often a few slices of meat, but always half a plate or more of Indian Basmati rice or Japanese ‘sticky’ rice. If I ate a pound of meat per WEEK it was unusal. Using Indian spices, the food smelled and tasted terrific. However, my sweet tooth was strong. SWEET coffee, a “healthy” muffin or other snack with more sweet coffee at intervals less than 2 hours. My endurnce was very poor: having to refuel at two hour intervals during the work day or my energy and concentration would decay badly. Being an engineer, concentration and endurance are critically important. My eyes were rapidly decaying (posterior uvitis/”bird shot” Rx = predinisone 60mG/Day) to delay my eventual DIAGNOSED impending blindness!!! Rapidly increasing obesity and blood pressure.

My good friend Al suggested that I might consider “Keto” helpful (I was morbidly obese) for him, he took off 20-25 pounds his first month and felt GREAT. I am a “why guy” I need to know WHY something works, before I will even consider it valid to test. I studied all I could find online about the theory of why Low Carb WORKs. Internet and books by Drs. Jason Fung, Ken Berry, I began to understand the HORMONAL response to my high carb, refined sugar and “vegetable oils” diet. Nina Teichulz was a wealth of information on fake oils and real meat. Your channel was in there BUT I can tell you that – at that time- I thought that I would never go full carnivore because I was so conditioned to believe that it was unhealthy. Now, here I am.

Initially my dietary rules were simple: zero surgars, absolutely 20gm of carbohydrates or less per day, no fake oils. I measured my morning/fasting blood sugars, blood pressure and more, my Wife (a very good nurse) assumned that if this worked, I would eventurally need to reduce or eliminate some medications: that was indeed a correct assumption. We were both VERY concerned about my eventual ‘need’ for insulin injections looming in my future as a T2 diabetic; we both knew that we could not afford it with my greatly reduced retirement income.

I noticed the loss of fat and was amazed, to be satisfied. If I became ‘snacky’ I’d make bacon and eggs or a burger patty and the problem was solved. I began eating more meat and above ground veggies in rich butter/heavy cream sauces with caramelized red wine for flavor (Remember the “French paradox”? They eat full fat everything and are generally slim. 🙂 I was still doing breakfast, so 3 – 4 egg, butter omelets with some

chives and garlic, with cheese started the day with coffee. Red meats at meals were rapidly introduced in increasingly larger amounts. 1 – 2 pounds becoming normal.

1. Ribeyes = I finally understood what being ‘sated’ at mealtime meant!

2. My energy between meals was excellent – no slumps as when I was carb fueled. It was like having a huge fuel tank once I was ‘fat adapted’. My Wife noticed that my energy level was ‘through the roof’: house projects and more were getting done.

3. My morning fasting blood sugars dropped from the 200’s to below 100 for the first time since I began monitoring them a year earlier.

4. Due to light-headedness, I went off Metformin – which required a few tries before I stabilized.

5. BP was far too low 117/70’ish and I worked with my Doc to get a ‘baby dose’ of Losartan, which I still seem to require. (I’ve been hypertensive since my thirties – high stress jobs…)

Before diet change – my diagnosed ‘conditions’ and symptoms were:

> Severe Sleep Apnea

> Dangerously high blood pressure

> Posterior uvitis (“birdshot”) retinal flashes, and bleeding inside my eyes!

Retina Doc mentions: “Where is ALL this inflammation coming from?”

> CPAP required for sleep


> Constant tooth decay and very red and swollen gums. My dentist hated what he saw.

> Constant and increasing 2+ pitting edema on shins

> Fatty liver. Doctor: “Sooo, tell me about your drinking?” and I wondered did where THIS came from?

> Slow or no healing – example: a hole on my shin remained unhealed for many months.

Even routine scratches remained for many weeks or more.

> Peripheral neuropathy on outside three toes on both feet.

> Infections in odd places, wound edges, skin folds. (Glycated body was probably TASTY for pathogens?)

> 6x daily meds – before diet change:

> Losartan 125 mG w

> HCTZ 25 ?

> T2D

> Metformin 500 mG to increase if needed later – never needed 🙂

> Anti-inflammatory Rx: Tramadol and more as their effectiveness diminished.

> Pain meds PRN for knee injury.

> Couldn’t slide into some restaurant booths, would have to squeeeze behind the car’s driving wheel. Very sore joints and chronic body aches (was told that this is “normal” aging)

Donna Healed from Adrenal Insufficiency

“I have felt fat my whole life. I have struggled my whole life to just keep

off a few pounds. At my heaviest I was 326 pounds. I used HCG, a notso-great way to lose weight and ended up at 170. I was happy there, but

again it was a struggle to stay there after I started to reintroduce

food. Doctors said just exercise more and you will be fine.

In 2018, I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and Fibro myxoid

Spindle Cell Sarcoma Cancer. My struggle continued as I put back on

weight due to illness and medication. From 2018 until about June 2021 I

tried to do nutritional keto, spent hundreds on meal plans, and tried a

plethora of other things. I would lose and gain the same two pounds. I

was tired, losing my hair, my cystic acne was coming back, and I was

depressed and desperate. The worst part, if there could be anything

worse, was the radiation burn from treatment would not heal all the way.

It constantly itched and hurt. The doctors said it might never heal, so I

needed to get used to it.

When I found carnivore, I felt like I had hit my last chance. I was terrified

to try it and fail. I joined a couple of zoom groups hoping this would

work. I thought if I could just lose weight, my health would get better.

The treatment for cancer and adrenal insufficiency left me with

autoimmune eczema and asthma, hypoglycemia, IBS-A, bloating, and

heartburn. Each time a new symptom came, a new medication came

until I was on 21 medications and 10 different creams for my skin issues.

What I found in the groups and in carnivore eating CHANGED MY LIFE. I

found friendship, strength, kindness and so much knowledge. In the

beginning I thought there was no way what everyone said would work. I

discovered weight loss was not the primary focus for me; healing was. I

discovered weight loss would be a biproduct of a healthy body.

When I told my husband how scared I was, he said, “What do you have

to lose. Donna you have paid hundreds of dollars for PDF books that

were a one size fits all health fix, for shots, and pills and God knows what

else. You put your faith in doctors and all kinds of crazy crap. What did it

get you? You are emotionally stressed and worried, physically sick,

metabolically sick, with cancer and adrenal issues. All of this prevents

you from living your best life. Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame you; I’m

not made and it’s not your fault, but it is the truth.

You pay a few dollars per month for a couple of groups, cheapest you

have ever paid for any weight loss program, and you hear these people

tell you to get off the sweeteners, which you already know are bad for

you, and to just eat meat. And you can eat as much meat and as often

as you want. You have trusted every other whack job out there and these

people who are telling you to eat what man has eaten since the dawn of

time is where you are going to draw the line!? This is where you say this

might be the craziest thing you’ve heard, and you don’t know if you can

do it?

What is crazier Donna them or every other fly by night thing you put

your faith in? What is 30 days? How much sicker and more screwed up

do you think meat is going to make you in a measly 30 days? Just go all

in like you have with every other fly by night diet and see where you are

on the other side.”

So, I listened to everything that was said and soaked up all the

information I could. I gave up artificial sweeteners, I threw out the scale

and I ate when I was hungry and didn’t when I was not. The healing

began and never stopped.

I kept a journal of my healing. Today I am 20 pounds lighter. The

greatest part is my health is better than it has ever been I have three

pages of non-scale victories.

  • I’m off all medications except one.
  • No steroids for adrenal insufficiency
  • My adrenals are working again.
  • My hair is growing everywhere.
  • I have zero joint pain/stiffness.
  • My mood and energy soar daily.
  • I have lost 36 total body inches
  • Went from a size 22 to a 14.
  • No heartburn or bloating.
  • Autoimmune eczema GONE.
  • Hypoglycemia GONE
  • Acne GONE.
  • Asthma GONE
  • Radiation burn from my first sarcoma treatment HEALED

AND when they found my second sarcoma, I was three months into


The Carnivore way, SAVED my life. I am a better, healthier, calmer person,

wife, grandmother, mother, sister, and friend because I trusted the

process, never gave up and just ate meat.

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