Real People, Real Results​

Alan improved training recovery and marathon time by 28.5 minutes in one year on the carnivore diet

Alan is a 61 year old runner who has been eating carnivore for approximately 8 months. The diet changed everything for him. “I call it the Fountain of Youth,” he quips.

Alan battled with his weight all his life. At 6 feet tall, he was his heaviest, at 305 pounds. About 5 years ago, he decided to lose weight because he was metabolically ill. He describes his weight loss as 7 months of starving himself. “I was cold and tired and hungry all the time.” He got down to 195 pounds.

Alan started running and then began training for marathons. He says he had a hard time figuring out what to eat to give him energy and keep his weight down. He wanted to stay lean so he could run faster, so he ate a lot of chicken and broccoli and counted calories. The high fiber veggies gave him gas and made him bloat.

He describes feeling cold, tired, hungry, and exhausted with a lot of muscle aches. Plus, he had no muscle mass. Although he felt better after his weight loss, he says that “it really wasn’t sustainable.” Alan wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon and started searching for something to help him have better energy when he trained.

Like many athletes, Alan was searching for a way to improve his performance, and he discovered how saturated fats may be good for you. Alan started keto about a year ago, eating lean meats, such as chicken breasts, along with lots of low-carb veggies. Keto helped with his recovery but not his muscle mass. About 7 months ago, Alan challenged a family member to start eating the “beef, bacon, and eggs diet.” His carnivore journey had begun.

Alan’s digestive issues completely resolved. Overall, he “trained more, felt better, got more sleep, and had constant energy.” The biggest change for him was his recovery. He went from training five days per week to six and increased his miles from 45 to 65 per week.

Alan started with a few pushups and squats—no weights—and within a month he was getting abs. He gained an inch on his quads, glutes, and arms. Currently, he’s up to 100 push-ups and 100 squats.

Alan qualified for the Boston Marathon with a time of 3:43. After carnivore, he improved his marathon time by 11 percent. He says he doesn’t need carbs to train and trains fasted every morning.

He says that carnivore has eliminated his carb and sugar addictions, and he’s satiated after a meal. He eats a lot of beef and eggs, salts his food, and uses electrolytes because he sweats so much. He eats a 20 ounce ribeye, a few slices of bacon, and 4 or 5 eggs for breakfast and another ribeye or 1.5 pounds of very fatty ground beef at dinner.

Alan wants to help people get healthier and tells everyone he can about his success as a carnivore.


Jon heals from gut issues, fatigue, and arthritis

I was a raw vegan/fruitarian for 7 years. I was actually an influencer in that community and offered health consultations helping people heal chronic degenerative diseases using a fruitarian diet and now do the same thing but now recommending an animal-based diet/carnivore. I’ve actually helped many in the short term heal cancer, arthritis, skin conditions, etc. But I watched the same people including myself start to degenerate trying to maintain this diet in the long term. I’m a certified detoxification specialist and online iridologist.

For the last 1 1/2 years of the 7 years being vegan mostly fruitarian/raw vegan I developed major gut issues. Gi pain and digestive problems and blood sugar issues. This was also very common with my clients that were long-term vegan.

The more I continued to eat a high-fiber diet the more I continued to degenerate. Skin problems, gut pain, malnutrition, and depression.

I started having cravings for eggs and I mean intense cravings. My instincts told me to eat them and to adopt a mainly carnivore diet to heal my gut. I listened and it dramatically changed my life for the good!!! In only 3 months I can proudly say I have no more gut issues!!

I’ve been on a mainly carnivore diet for 4 months now. My muscles came back, testosterone came up. Consistent energy. Zero gut pain. No constant gas and zero bloat and no more depression!!! And I feel like the 25-year-old bull I once was at 37!!!

I will send you a pic of how skinny I got as a fruitarian 5 years ago and what I look like now on a zero fiber 90% carnivore diet. The only plant food I consume living on an island (koh Phangan) in Thailand is fresh coconut water out of Thai coconut which does not cause me any issue at all.

This photo here was when I was super emaciated at 105 lbs when I was 100% fruitarian the other pics were when I was high raw vegan towards the end of my vegan journey. I was still very skinny and underweight at 120 lbs.

My diet now is muscle meats, liver, and coconut water.

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me and im hoping to bring more awareness to people especially the fruitarians and raw vegans that are in denial like I was and have major eating disorders.

Elizabeth treats her type 1 diabetes, lost weight and has more energy on a carnivore diet

When Elizabeth was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, it was “a huge curveball for my life.” She started a ketogenic diet six months later, but kept “falling off the wagon.” She gained some weight, up to a high of 207 pounds, and her A1c went over 8. Elizabeth was looking for something easier!

Like many of us, Elizabeth first learned of the carnivore diet on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. She found it a practical solution, saying “It’s convenient, it’s very simple, and it works very well for my life and my diabetes. The majority of the time, I don’t even feel diabetic.” That is very different than how this disease affects most people.

Elizabeth likes the simplicity, too: “I have a family, and I have a husband, so I just, you know, make ordinary meals like I normally do; I’m just eating only one part of that meal. They have their rice, they have their veggies or whatever else I decide to make with the protein, and then I just eat the protein.”

Elizabeth does include cheese on her hamburger patties, or cream in her coffee, which she enjoys as her treats.

Elizabeth found that the carnivore diet helped her to control her blood sugar, despite being a type 1 diabetic. “That crazy sugar control that I’ve been getting, you know, what I mean, like I don’t even feel diabetic. My numbers compare to a borderline Type 2, which is crazy considering I control my sugars solely based on injections. I knew my numbers were going to be good, but I didn’t actually realize how good. I take a longer, slow acting shot in the morning and then I take a smaller shot in the evening. Yesterday I forgot my morning shot, and my fasting sugar was 4.6. By the time I realized I hadn’t taken my insulin it was three o’clock and my sugar had only gone up to a seven which is not very much at all. In my pre-carnivore days, I would be almost in ketoacidosis if I forgot my insulin.”

Elizabeth finds that the carnivore diet allows her to feel almost like her pre-diabetic diagnosis because controlling her diabetes is so much simpler. She also finds that the carnivore diet makes her insulin much less expensive.

Her doctor still isn’t on board, despite her success: “This diet has allowed me to not even use my fast-acting; I use a small amount of long-acting daily. I have lowered the amount of money that I’ve spent on medical supplies. But my endo will proceed to tell me to ‘eat a balanced diet,’ a diet that will continue to make me use more insulin, a diet that makes me have those highs and lows, makes me suffer from those adverse effects that will put me in a hospital. It’s just a vicious cycle…This diet will actually help with the supplies and the amount of insulin you use and overall what you pay for, because it is an expensive disease.”

Matthew lost weight, gained more energy and no more back pain on a carnivore diet

Matthew had been struggling with depression and a lack of motivation. He heard about the carnivore diet through his uncle, who had faced similar struggles, and decided to try it for himself. Together, they have had incredible success!

“My uncle was sharing the benefits of a carnivore diet that he was experiencing, and it sounded like something I could easily get involved with,” Matthew shares with Revero coach Brooke. “He had also suffered from depression and low energy, so I figured I had nothing to lose. It started as a more mental thing for me, but it’s actually turned into a more physical thing.”

As he began his journey away from sugar, soda, and fast food, Matthew was encouraged by other people posting about their journey in various success stories. He visited carnivore community groups online to see what he could glean from others’ stories and advice. “I haven’t slipped up or snuck in a cheat meal. I just set my mind to it, and this is what I’ll continue to do,” Matthew explains. “I still bounce ideas off my uncle, and he gives me great cooking suggestions.”

One of the first benefits Matthew experienced was an overall increase in energy and a lifted mood. “Suddenly, I was cleaning my house all the time and arriving to work an hour early, ready to start the day!” With a job in sales, Matthew has to exude confidence, and a carnivore diet has made that easy for him. “Your confidence rises when you feel good about yourself, and I feel more confident in every situation. I have both the mental confidence I’ve always had and physical confidence now that I’m healthier and feeling good.”

In just under a year of strictly following a meat-based diet, Matthew has gone from 232 pounds to 179 pounds. “The overall energy and mental clarity have been the biggest benefits, and the weight loss is another added bonus,” he shares. “I’ve been buying new clothes, and all my friends and family are noticing my results.” While not everyone can fathom the idea of a carnivore diet, Matthew enjoys sharing his story and encouraging those who ask about it how simple and effective it has been for him.

Matthew keeps his carnivore meals simple and delicious, often turning to his smoker for brisket or burgers on the grill. He incorporates intermittent fasting and limits his eating window from 11 AM to 7 PM. “It’s great! I eat about 2 pounds of meat daily, and I don’t crave other foods.” He’s switched from sugary Monster energy drinks to coffee with heavy whipping cream or butter and drinks plenty of water. Grocery shopping is much easier now. “It’s amazing how much money I’ve saved!”

Matthew believes a carnivore diet is easy for anyone to implement. He recommends starting with bunless burgers and trading soda for water. Rather than view the diet as restrictive, he views it as eliminating foods the body doesn’t need. “It’s always great to see other people thriving on carnivore. My job is to turn other people on to it so that they can get the benefits, too!”

Maykell healed bloating, constipation, anxiety, and panic attacks on a carnivore diet

Maykell has been following a carnivore diet for two years. In addition to improving his overall body composition, Maykell enjoys better digestion, steady energy, and freedom from anxiety and panic attacks.

Maykell was in generally good health when starting his carnivore journey and was mainly looking for the best way to gain muscle and improve his physique. For years, he would eat upwards of 6,000 calories in an effort to gain weight but never could get there on a carb-heavy diet. “I was skinny-fat,” he tells Revero coach Amber. “All of my life, I’ve been trying to gain size or muscle mass. I ate thousands of calories of every carb imaginable. I never really gained size and couldn’t get a muscular body composition.”

“I had always been a good powerlifter,” Maykell notes. “I was only 150 pounds, but I could deadlift 505 pounds.” However, he says his strength never translated to him gaining a more muscular appearance. “I was able to lift, but I wasn’t able to gain size even though I was eating huge amounts of food.”

A workout injury caused Maykell to take a month off from weight training. While he was recovering at home, he saw an advertisement for the X3 bar workout system. Invented by Dr. John Jaquish, the X3 training system consists of variable resistance training, utilizing powerful resistance bands along with weighted bars for better resistance. “I saw that Dr. Jaquish ate only steaks, so I figured I would give it a try.”

Maykell started with a ketogenic diet and eventually switched to a meat-based diet of mostly steak and eggs. “On keto, even when I limited myself to just 20 carbs per day, I always experienced gas and bloating. I found that when I ate only steak and eggs, I had none of those issues.” He has slowly transitioned to eating up to 7 pounds of meat per day, depending on the level of training he is doing. The combination of a carnivore diet and X3 training has finally given Maykell the physique he was aiming for, including a six-pack!

Over the last two years, Maykell has successfully incorporated fasting (up to 48 hours at a time), and he recently shifted to eating primarily raw meat. This approach made it easy for Maykell to tour with his band, and he recalls having the easiest time on the road while his bandmates struggled to digest fast food meals. “I would just grab frozen steaks from my cooler and throw them on the dashboard to thaw,” he explains with a smile. “All the guys would have stomach pain, but the guy eating raw steaks was perfectly fine!” To save money, he stocks up on sale-priced t-bone, ribeye, and London broil.

“I love the simplicity,” Maykell says. “I haven’t gotten sick at all, I sleep better, and I have steady energy all day.” He finds avoiding carbs keeps his anxiety and panic attacks away. “It’s just wonderful! It’s completely different than how I felt before.”

Tiffany overcame decades of food addiction on a carnivore diet

Tiffany had spent much of her life addicted to food and was paying the price. When she began her carnivore journey, she found herself weighing 230 pounds, with poor energy and persistent hunger. Her sleep was poor, and her mind had become foggy from systemic inflammation.

Tiffany was experiencing anxiety and realized that her sugar addiction and carbohydrate binge eating were ruining her health. She saw age spots that she didn’t have before and felt she was also prematurely aging. Her journey is one defined by persistence, looking for answers, which she finally found with the carnivore diet.

Her weight loss began before she implemented the carnivore diet, but she still succeeded in making great progress: “I lost 130 lbs with a combination of intermittent fasting and low carb paleo eating.” She found, however, that the weight gain had left her with some persistent issues. She had lost weight but wasn’t satisfied with her body composition, and her skin was damaged from being overweight.

Like many of us, Tiffany was led to the carnivore diet by Dr. Shawn Baker, saying “Shawn Baker’s carnivore book was my gateway to starting, and I joined meat rx for the 30 day trial January 2020.”

Tiffany began her carnivore diet not to lose weight, but to improve the health of her body after she lost the weight. “ In January 2020 when I began experimenting with a carnivore diet, my goals were primarily for body recomposition as I needed to tighten loose skin and build muscle after going from 260 down to 130 lbs. (I am 5’8”.) She succeeded in both of those goals!

After being on a carnivore diet for several months, Tiffany says she has had many more NSVs than that now that she has been exclusively carnivore for the last several months:

  • She wakes up before her alarm
  • She has sustained energy throughout the day
  • She is now training for a marathon because her legs want to move
  • She is almost never hungry and actually reminds herself to eat
  • She sleeps more soundly and needs less sleep overall
  • She is more productive because her thinking is sharp and clear
  • Body recomposition: she has lost 1″ from her rib cage, 2″ from her hips, and 3 1/2″ from her waist
  • Her anxiety is gone
  • Age spots are fading

These gains reveal that Tiffany has improved not just her body composition but also her cognitive function, brain function, metabolic health, and satiety/hunger pathways.

One of the most foundational wins that Tiffany has attained is finally having freedom from the food addictions that had caused her so many health problems over the years. “The most important NSV of all, sticking to a carnivore diet helped me overcome decades of sugar addiction and carb binges.” That’s a profound change!

Tiffany has worked to refine her diet over the time she’s been following it and found that increasing her fat/protein ratio and eliminating salt has led to even more progress.

Jeff eliminated his type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea on a carnivore diet

Jeff has had incredible success combining fasting with a carnivore diet. He has lost 85 pounds (from 270 to 185) and has kept it off for over two years. In addition, he reversed his type 2 diabetes, lowered his high blood pressure, eliminated inflammation in his joints, and completely reversed sleep apnea.


“I’ve struggled with weight my whole life,” Jeff shares. “I had tried to lose weight by cutting calories and working out like a maniac, but it just wasn’t sustainable. I would gain back what I had lost, and then some.” Jeff had quite a sweet tooth, and would regularly overeat on sugary treats. As an adult, he found he had more of a dependence on alcohol, and finally realized he had to get in control of his cravings. “The same things that got me hooked on sugar got me hooked on alcohol. Over time, both made me heavier and sicker.”


Jeff’s son introduced him to the practice of intermittent fasting. Jeff dove into as much science-backed research and information online that he could find, and eventually began following Dr. Jason Fung’s fasting protocols. “I realized that my body was trying to store fat, and because of all the sugar I was eating, that’s why I was getting so hungry. The more I read about it, the more it all clicked in my mind.” While looking for different resources on fasting, Jeff came across Kelly Hogan’s carnivore journey, and thought it might be a good fit to implement along with his fasting routine.

While Jeff did lose some weight with intermittent fasting, he realized weight loss wasn’t the only goal. “The key really isn’t losing the weight, it’s how to stay healthy and maintain it,” he shares. “I wanted to learn the best way to nourish myself so that it’s sustainable. That’s where I fell in love with carnivore, because I could just eat meat and eat as much as I felt my body needed.”


The combination of fasting and carnivore had tremendous results for Jeff! At his next annual physical, now age 50, Jeff was in the best health of his life. In addition to the weight loss, Jeff is completely off all medication for diabetes and high blood pressure, and he no longer has sleep apnea. Since going off the statins, Jeff has restored flexibility, and reduced headaches and joint pain which he feels were side effects. Jeff found a doctor who affirms his lifestyle choices, and all of his lab work has come back normal, including the test for inflammation which was completely clear.

Jeff’s meals are simple, and he focuses mostly on beef, eggs, and organ meats. He occasionally enjoys seafood, but has cut out dairy due to some inflammatory effects and weight gain. “I avoid any foods that are sweet, and I prioritize protein over fat,” he shares.

Reaching an ideal weight and losing 12 inches off his waist have given Jeff more energy to do the things he enjoys, such as traveling comfortably on an airplane and taking outdoor adventure trips. “I”m definitely hooked on all the non-scale victories,” he says. “I have more confidence with work and in social settings. It’s phenomenal!”

Trudy improved sleep, fitness, and pain on a carnivore fasting lifestyle

Hi my name is Trudy, 59 years old, 5’7″ and weigh around 125 lbs.  At one point in my life not that long ago, I weighed over 160 lbs, was sluggish, full of inflammation, stressed and strung out.

I have been a Fasting Carnivore since September 2019, and have experimented fasting off and on most of my life. I have tried many different avenues over the years including Weight Watchers, Nutri-system, Body for Life, Protein Drinks, Elimination Diets, Whole 30, whole food juicing, Paleo, then Keto.  Before Keto, I couldn’t make a weight loss stick, ever. 

During my Keto journey, I was learning and growing from listening to several podcasts of Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Jason Fung. I also found some women carnivores that inspired me, including Dr. Lisa Wiedeman, Laura Spath, Kelly Hogan, and the Strong Sistas, to try Carnivore.  I wanted to see if I could heal my back pain.

The health struggles I have had in the past include: food & environmental allergies, disordered eating, aggressive cataracts, L4-L5 compression, stenosis, sciatic pain, high blood pressure, anemia, food addictions, yo-yo weight gains, brain fog, inflammation, joint pain, oily skin, stringy hair, weak nails, and much more.

Most of my issues have resolved or significantly reduced since transitioning into the Fasting Carnivore lifestyle. A recent visit to the eye doctor was a report that my aggressive cataracts had not grown since last year. My skin, hair and nails are SO much healthier & stronger.

My environmental allergies are gone. I even have my daughter’s cat living with me for the summer &  haven’t had one itchy eye or sneeze and I have had him for over a month.  I have been told I don’t look or act 59 years old.  I love adventure and working out.  I may not be a competitive athlete anymore (ok, I do dabble in running, biking, and triathlons but I don’t consider myself fast).

Even so, I love how strong & active I am today.  My grandkids and my daughters will always have my example to look back on some day.  I am SO thankful for this lifestyle and Dr. Baker’s leadership to help change people’s lives for the better.

My most recent success was a 21 day fast that I completed.  It was an experiment to reset my body and to research the effects of autophagy to see if I could improve the level of pain in my lower back.  You see I kept waking up at night to the point I could barely roll over.  

So, the 21 days included 3 day water fasting only, then the other 18 days I followed a fasting mimicking fat fast where I only ate up to 500 calories daily of bone broth and/or raw beef suet.  I had heard coaches Niti and Raymond discussing Niti’s experience with such a fast. 

I had never heard of such a thing as getting to eat while fasting!! The timing with the world pandemic going on around me and the fact that I love being my own experiment, well it was just the challenge I needed. I learned something new for sure and I found out how long and how hard I could go.  I even lost 16 pounds over the course of the 21 days.

By about day 8 I was sleeping better and through out most of these 21 days my energy was out the roof.  I got SO much $^&#% done and ran, biked, or walked daily.  I had an interesting experience of a huge clean out on about day 9 which seemed crazy.  It must have been an oxalate dumping for I had not ingested enough food for what cleaned out of me.

Whatever my body was holding onto, I was glad that this experiment helped recycle some old and damaged cells out of my body.  The only downer was I got a huge suet aversion by about day 18 which made the last few days tough to complete.  I substituted pork belly and more beef bone broth instead of the suet.

I biked 4 times (34-61 km each time), ran 7 times (5-12 km each time), and walked daily (2-5 km) in the fasted state.  I also did push ups and tri-cep dips on run days.  So, I lost weight, got some lower back pain relief, and a peace & calm came over me that quieted the old addictive behaviour tendencies that I had struggled with in the past. 

Eating fat definitely is something I learned my body wanted me to do and I operated efficiently. I feel amazing, sleep soundly (and don’t need as much sleep) and am happier, healthier and calmer than ever before.  At the end of the 21 days, I knew I was done for my energy levels were becoming depleted and I found my workouts were harder to do and I was just feeling fatigued.

Overall, would I do it again? Maybe, and with a daily check in with a coach, I might.  Raymond helped me daily on the after noon social call, I was able to check in and bounce my experience off him daily which was a huge help & encouragement. 

The Radical Fasting Carnivore,


Jeff got jacked on a fasting carnivore lifestyle

Hi, my name is Jeff. I am 60 years old. I want to tell you what the carnivore diet did for me, and how it got me jacked.

A history of fitness

As a kid I looked at bodybuilders of the day as heroes. I always wanted to be like that. I was into sports and worked out. I then got in the fitness industry and between 1981 to 2001 – i owned, operated, managed health clubs, fitness centers. I trained people, i gave seminars on fitness, exercise and nutrition… i was involved in the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and sales of Nutritional supplements, and educated people on what and how to use supplementation.

Believing the wrong thing

I was taught, believed, and practiced the protocol of eating 6-7x per day (every 2.5 to 3 hours to maintain an anabolic state and a positive nitrogen balance, and to avoid going catabolic)… consisting of 50%+ Carbs, 50% Protein (as lean and fat free as possible) and as low of Fats as possible… i believed in 1.0 to 1.5 g of Protein per Pound of Body-weight per day, and a minimum of 1.0 g of Carbs per Pound of Body-weight per day… Everything that I knew, practiced and taught others was WRONG

Trying so hard

I did not know that I didn’t know… I worked out hard, I ate correctly, I was dedicated, motivated, and disciplined… BUT I wasn’t ever getting the RESULTS that I wanted, no matter how hard I tried. 

I ate less. I exercised more. Nothing worked. I was big, I was strong, BUT, I didn’t look like I wanted to look…

Shocked by a friends photo

Then in May 2017… i saw a photo of one of my best friend’s – Sam, who I had not seen for 3-4 years… i was shocked, astounded, awestruck, speechless… i knew Sam for over 30 years… in that photo… he looked like a Greek God… i had to know WTF … i contacted him immediately…

Getting over my own beliefs

It took him from the beginning of May 2017 to the 3rd week of June 2017 to convince me to try what he was telling me to do…

It was contradictory and opposite to everything that I knew and had been told, and taught me entire life…

I finally surrendered… only because I knew Sam… and I saw what ge had done… he obviously knew something that i didn’t know…

I started my first day on June 26, 2017… the day I took my first “Before” photo…

Within 2 weeks I felt, and saw changes that I had not experienced before with any diet i had ever tried… i kept at it, and continued to research and investigate everything and to educate myself more…

I have never stopped or looked back…

Motivating others

My Journey continues… i adjust, tweak, modify as I go… on my personal Journey to see how far I can take this… in all aspects of my life…

Life doesn’t have to end at 50…

If done right… 50 is just the beginning of an incredible future…

Please join me on the Journey of your own… i am here to help educate you, inform you, help you, inspire and motivate you… your success is my personal reward !!

Intermittent Fasting

When I started off, I was only doing the Intermittent Fasting, as Sam had convinced me to do, I was not including the ketogenic/ low carb diet at this point.

I was doing a 16/8 IF Schedule – 16 Hours Fasting Period and an 8-Hour Feeding Period and, within the first 2 weeks, I felt, and, saw changes that I had not experienced before on other “diets” that I had tried – within the first 2 weeks, I knew that something was “happening” !!

I did NOT change my foods (eating, my diet) – I just continued to eat the same things that I had been eating (including carbs), but, now, I was eating everything during the 8-hour Feeding Period – I was doing 4 meals a day (eating a meal every 2.5 hours +/-)

Narrowing the window

Then, Sam asked me how I felt, and, how I was doing – and, when I told him that I felt and was doing great – he had me switch the IF schedule from 16/8 to an 18/6 schedule... within 3-4 days, the immediate problem that I was experiencing was trying to eat all 4 of my meals within the 6 hour Feeding window – it was almost impossible – too much food – so, I adjusted and changed to 3 meals – one meal every 2 hours.

So, I was still doing high carbs, high protein, low fat – because at this point, I did not have all of the information, and, I did not know any better.

The low carb discussion didn’t enter the picture until about month 2 – and, then, from month 2 through about month 4-5, my carb intake went from over 200+g per day, down to 150g per day, to 100g per day, to 50g per day, eventually down to about 35g per day, a level that I then stayed at for several months, as I continued to educate myself on everything, and, to tweak and adjust other facets of my foods/ diet – and, although I had adjusted the Carbs down to a low carb intake – I was still doing the balance of my foods as high protein, and, moderate fats (which I still believed to be necessary – keeping my protein high for muscle building and maintenance, and, low fats, so that I didn’t get fat)

Feeding window on a crack

Over time – during the first 6 months (end of June when I started) – I went from the initial 16/8, then to 18/6, then to 19/5, and, eventually, by October 2017, I was on an IF 20/4 schedule – and, as noted, I adjusted my Carbs from over 200g/day, down to 35g/day… but, I was still doing 3 meals/ day during the 4-hour Feeding Period – and, I stayed on this Schedule from Oct 2017, up through May-June 2018 –  – during which time I brought my Carbs down to 20 g per day – and, this schedule lasted from about June, 2018 up through Oct 2018 – at which time I kept the same foods, during 3 meals, but, adjusted the IF Schedule again from 20/4 to 22/2 (eating the 3 meals one every hour) and, I then stayed on this schedule (22/2), with minor adjustments along the way in the foods – but, still, high proteins, moderate fats, and low carbs – from October 2018, up through February, 2019 – one of the adjustments that I made during this period is to change from 3 large/ regular sized meals to 2 regular meals (the first meal of the day, and, the last meal of the day, with just a snack (like peanut butter, sugar free jello, almonds, or pork rinds, string cheese, or similar) in between the 2 meals.

Somehow, not by any thought or planning, one day, during February, I couldn’t eat the 2nd meal, I was just full, and, not hungry – so, I had just eaten the first regular meal, and, the snack, and that was it… then, this feeling, of not wanting, or needing the last meal, continued – and, all of a sudden, not by choice, or planning, my IF Schedule went from 22/2 to 23/1 and, I was eating everything within 1 hour everyday – which is what I continue to do up to now.

Going keto

In March 2019, during additional, extensive research – I made a decision to adjust my Macros to a true ketogenic formula plan – 75% Fats, 20% Protein, and, under 5% Carbs (I was actually under 2% Carbs by this point) – within 2 weeks I was seeing, and, feeling immediate differences and great results – I truly believe that having too much protein (which I thought was absolutely necessary as an active bodybuilder for not only adding new muscle, but, to maintain the hard earned muscle that I had) – but, I was wrong – now, looking back, I truly believe thgat the Protein, the extra protein, was an obstacle, and, holding me back from further gains – especially the Whey Protein Powder supplement shake that I was doing as one of my meals every day (which turns out to be the worst form of protein to ingest because of the immediate insulin spikes it causes) – the leaner the proteins, the proteins absent sufficient fat, the quicker it is digested, and, the more insulin that is produced in conjunction with the protein consumption.

Finally OMAD

So, not by planning, not by conscious choice – I somehow ended up on an IF Schedule of 23/1 – which, by operational definition, is the same as, or, very similar, and, close enough to the OMAD (“One Meal A Day) diet that people talk about – because although during my 1-hour Feeding Period I am eating multiple times (2 regular meals, and, a snack in between) – I am basically consuming all of my foods non-stop during that 1 hour period.


My current WOE

my current Macros are approx. Calories (2,200 to 2,400) / Proteins (0.4 to 0.5 g per pound (so 90-100g/day)) 20% of my diet) / Carbs (under 10g/day) under 2% of my diet)), and / Fats (upwards of 200g/day) over 75% of my diet)) – all consumed during my 1-hour Feeding Period – and, then, for the next 23 hours – the Fasting Period, I do not eat anything of any kind whatsoever.

I feel great, I feel healthy – I am never hungry, I have lots of energy, and lots of mental focus.


Since March 29 (the date of my last writing above) – I have had various “adjustments in both my Nutritional Protocol and my Exercise Protocol
and, I always do extensive research and self-experimentation to see what works, and, ultimately what works best for me, and my goals…

Steak and eggs protocol

On May 19, 2020, I started the “Steak & Eggs” (Carnivore) Protocol
as of tonight – I am on Day 13 – and feel fantastic
Never Hungry, No Cravings
I only eat Beef (fatty steak cuts – like Rib-eye or Chuck Eye Steak), and Eggs, and Butter – nothing else
My Protocol since approx Feb-Mar 2019 has been OMAD – Intermittent Fasting 23/1 (actually 23.5/0.5) 
up until this May 19 – my Macros were – Fats (80-83%), Protein (17-20%), and Carbs (under 1%) – so switching to the Carnivore (Steak & Eggs) was simple and easy (My Proteins have always been “Fatty Proteins”, nothing “Lean”)
My Macros now are – Fats (70-73%), Protein (27-30%), and Carbs (0%)
My OMAD Meal consists of only the following…
Steak (1 pound)
Eggs (6 whole)
Butter (4-5 tbsp)

Cal lost weight and improved his fitness on a fasting lifestyle

Lost 40 lbs on Atkins about 18 years ago. Got into bike racing at about 178 lbs. Wt creep occurred to about 206. Read Fung’s book 2weeks ago. Skipped breakfast all last week and commuted to work by bike. Lost 6 lbs in one week. Still more to go but encouraging. Also Dr. Baker, I did time at Kirtland AFB.



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