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Allie Manages Her Son’s Non-Verbal Autism

Allie is a mother and has been researching nutrition since 2002 to treat her life-long medical conditions along with her son’s. With a carnivore or carnivore-adjacent diet she been able to reduce and/or eliminate symptoms of bipolar disorder, seizures, PCOS, Crohn’s disease and IBS, migraines, and hypoglycemia. Her son’s autism is treated with a carnivore-adjacent diet as well. She has coached other people over the years and found that they have been able to reduce or eliminate symptoms of the same or similar conditions with a carnivore diet or, by increasing animal products in their diet and reducing or eliminating sugars and processed foods.

Jon heals from gut issues, fatigue, and arthritis

I was a raw vegan/fruitarian for 7 years. I was actually an influencer in that community and offered health consultations helping people heal chronic degenerative diseases using a fruitarian diet and now do the same thing but now recommending an animal-based diet/carnivore. I’ve actually helped many in the short term heal cancer, arthritis, skin conditions, etc. But I watched the same people including myself start to degenerate trying to maintain this diet in the long term. I’m a certified detoxification specialist and online iridologist.

For the last 1 1/2 years of the 7 years being vegan mostly fruitarian/raw vegan I developed major gut issues. Gi pain and digestive problems and blood sugar issues. This was also very common with my clients that were long-term vegan.

The more I continued to eat a high-fiber diet the more I continued to degenerate. Skin problems, gut pain, malnutrition, and depression.

I started having cravings for eggs and I mean intense cravings. My instincts told me to eat them and to adopt a mainly carnivore diet to heal my gut. I listened and it dramatically changed my life for the good!!! In only 3 months I can proudly say I have no more gut issues!!

I’ve been on a mainly carnivore diet for 4 months now. My muscles came back, testosterone came up. Consistent energy. Zero gut pain. No constant gas and zero bloat and no more depression!!! And I feel like the 25-year-old bull I once was at 37!!!

I will send you a pic of how skinny I got as a fruitarian 5 years ago and what I look like now on a zero fiber 90% carnivore diet. The only plant food I consume living on an island (koh Phangan) in Thailand is fresh coconut water out of Thai coconut which does not cause me any issue at all.

This photo here was when I was super emaciated at 105 lbs when I was 100% fruitarian the other pics were when I was high raw vegan towards the end of my vegan journey. I was still very skinny and underweight at 120 lbs

My diet now is muscle meats, liver, and coconut water.

Thank you so much for doing this interview with me and im hoping to bring more awareness to people especially the fruitarians and raw vegans that are in denial like I was and have major eating disorders.

James gets off all psych meds on a carnivore diet

My name is James. I am 27 years old and have suffered immensely from mental health issues since I was 6 years old. I was diagnosed with ADHD and put on psych medication in kindergarten. I also was depressed as a child which progressed as I became a teenager. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with Bipolar and schizo affective disorder. I am now 27 and have been hospitalized due to manic episodes over 200 times. I was told I would never live a normal life and always have to be on medications which caused obesity due to elevating my insulin and blood sugar.

I came across the work of dr. Shawn baker and dr. Chris Palmer. I began intermittent fasting and eating carnivore and within 2 weeks my lifelong depression lifted. I also lost 25 pounds in those 2 weeks. I went from 270 pounds to 245. I had metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, triglycerides and blood sugar) and my labs have all normalized. This is just the beginning of my journey and I am so grateful. I have been on this diet for 1 month and plan to do it for the rest of my life. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I also check my blood ketones daily to make sure I am in ketosis, usually between 3-5 ml. All of my mental health issues have been put into remission as well as my life long psoriasis that covered my face and scalp.

Thank you Shawn Baker for having the courage to speak the truth. You have saved my life and the lives of future generations by sharing this knowledge. I plan to share my story to try and help heal others who are needlessly suffering. There are no words to express my gratitude.

Claire heals microscopic colitis on the carnivore diet

I am 66 years young, and have 4 adult children, 11 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.  I am blessed!  I live in the Bay of Plenty Tauranga New Zealand.


My health issues really began in my early years.  I grew up on a high carb/sugar diet and eventually learned to control my weight with calorie restriction sometimes as low as 700 calories a day.  My weight would fluctuate between 7 1/2  to 9 1/2 stone during my 20’s – 40’s.  I realize now my body was starving for nutrients, and I was continually hungry.

I became interested in healthy eating during my 20’s and by my 30’s I developed gut issues like bloating and discomfort, then developed acid reflux during my pregnancies which continued afterwards. I tried to heal these stomach issues by introducing more healthy foods like home-made yogurt, home -made bread (including grinding my own flour from grain) and eliminating refined sugar and ate low fat.  This helped for a while.  But as I got older I found I had to eliminate many more foods. Firstly coffee, then  gluten and some vegetables.    I included meat in my diet as I did not agree with the vegan philosophy, which began with Seventh Day Adventist ideology which totally ignores much of Scripture where God approves the eating of meat.  However I generally ate meat in small portions.


By 2020 I was having to eliminate many more foods as my adverse reaction to many foods was increasing. I had now eliminated everything except, rice, rice-cakes, eggs, broccoli, capsicum, fish, and meat. My symptoms intensified until I finally developed microscopic colitis.   I lost a lot of weight although I was already thin.  I became very concerned as although I tried to function normally, not wanting to tell anyone of my embarrassing condition, I could not leave the house unless I had not eaten at least 6 hours prior. Finally after months of trying to remedy it on my own I went to the Dr and was tested for giardia, and for any bacterial infection.  He did blood tests also, but nothing was revealed. Eventually my doctor suspected microscopic colitis.  I did not want to go on steroid medication and told my Dr I would like to try to find another solution first.  I didn’t know how I was going to achieve this, but while in the supermarket during my weekly shop I was suddenly aware of the fact that there was nothing there I could eat.  So I prayed desperately right there (silently) and said “God what can I eat?”  As I was leaving with an empty trolley, I felt ‘impressed’ to go back and buy a cooked chicken.  It did not appeal to me as I felt nauseous, but I purchased it anyway.   Over the next couple of days I forced myself to eat it, but I still felt so sick.  However it got me thinking that if God had indeed impressed on me to buy it,  then it was for good reason.  So I began researching about meat which thankfully led me to discover Carnivore eating.

I began eating just meat and rice, thinking I needed the carbs for energy as I  suddenly developed extreme fatigue.  But after two weeks I decided to stop the rice and do Carnivore properly.  Amazingly….within 24 hours my chronic symptoms ceased.  Just stopped!  I could not believe it!   

Since then I have learned the benefit of including more fat, salt and the inclusion of magnesium via foot soaks to relieve leg cramps.   I thrive on fatty lamb,  and eat some beef each day.  At this stage I don’t eat butter but would like to include it again soon.

During the 6 months I’ve been fully carnivore I’ve had one flare-up with symptoms when I introduced egg yolk back into my diet.  So I quickly eliminated that.  My fatigue is gone and most days I feel great.  I’d say I am 95% healed,  and am hopeful the Raynaud’s symptoms I have will heal too.

Many thanks


New Zealand 

Sami Manages Stage 4 Colon Cancer With A Meat Diet

I am Sami from Japan.
I am or was a terminal stage 4 colon cancer patient.
A Carnivorous diet helped save my life.
I’m writing this email because I would like to help people who have the same condition by sharing my story.

Let me tell you about my colon cancer survival by meat only diet story.

I was a vegan since I was 6 years old. I developed a severe eating disorder at the aged 15. The reason for such ,was due to my self abusing of horrendously amount of laxatives on an everyday basis. I now believe that what caused the onset of my illness, was fiber and laxatives.
Having had bulimic years for 35 years I finally concurred my eating disorder.
In 2016 I started keto diet. My health in general improved by it yet still I was constipated.
In 2018 June I finally I dove into carnivorous diet. I really liked it. My bloating issue was almost cured at least I thought.

In 2021 March there was a lot of publicity about microbion in the gut.
I was convinced by the idea of ‘feeding my gut’ theory.
I started to incorporate vegetables into my diet. Of course all my gastrointestinal symptoms made a comeback. But I pushed it believing that my gut was going to adjust to new fibrous environment.
In 2021 April 7th, after eating some mushrooms I had dull yet uneasy sensation in my stomach.
Next morning I went to our neighbor’s hospital but they couldn’t finger out. I was sent to one of the biggest hospitals where they gave me a diagnosis of stage 4 colorectal cancer metastasized liver.

I had an intensive operation following chemotherapy. I was dying and hospitalized. But I didn’t eat hospital food looking rubbish. I ate meat secretly. I kept carnivorous diet during my hospitalization.

When my medical team discovered reoccurrence of cancer in my liver l sent an email to Professor Seyfried.
It states,

Dear Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried,

I am writing this because I am going to have to decide on my cancer treatment.
My name is Masami, 48years old female from Japan.
I had an enormous surgery in May this year. I had my accenting colon, one-fourth of the liver, appendix, and four lymph nodes taken out.
Three months later, they found another cancer cell growth in the liver.
I have been on chemotherapy since July. It’s so tough.
My surgeon is thinking that she has to give me another operation at the end of the year or January 2022 following stronger chemo.
I don’t think it will extend my life in a meaningful way.

I have watched several YouTube videos where you explain the cancer metabolism theory which I am impressed with.
I have been on a keto / carnivore diet for more than 5 years. My glucose level is well controlled. I am thinking of buying keto mojo. But I am not sure how much Gluconeogenesis is influencing cancer growth.
When it comes to Glutamine, without pharmaceutical intervention, I don’t think I can reduce the level from my system.

I would appreciate it if you could suggest any supplements or medications to create the condition where I can starve the cancer cells.

Kind regards,

He kindly replied to me with piles of documents for me to study. Suggestions were given.
Some of which I did.
Actually I couldn’t follow deep keto.
Because I’m lifting weight and it’s my passion. My performance was compromised by the therapeutic level of ketosis.

I started to bump up my meat intake. I have been eating 120-180g of protein a day for more than 6 months while I took MRI twice to check my cancer cells. The results showed that cancer cells in my liver didn’t change their size AT ALL.
My surgeon always said that she would give me another surgery but my cancer cells are too small.
Professor Seyfried’s theory and the nutritionist who Professor referred me are not big fun of high protein intake.
But I gave high meat consumption a try and It’s been successful.

I don’t think what works for me works for everyone cancer patient.
But it is much more effective than surgeries, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
I’m eating eggs and grinded meat.
I go to the gym at 4:00 am and lifting weights.

Could l help people who are devastated cancer patients realize that carnivorous diet is clinically healthy way to fight the cancer?


Ray’s Scale No Longer Dies Beneath Him

Age: 65

Very Low Carb , meat heavy “Ketovore” for 2 1/2 years.

Was formerly athletic, became morbidly obese, peaking at least 365 pounds I actually don’t know HOW HIGH my final weight went because my scale DIED beneath me one morning. Within half a year of this dietary change (heavy meat ketovore) , I was down to 332 pounds and feeling great.

My food before Ketovore was primarily ‘rice and something’. Lots of veggies, peppers, onions ginger/garlic and often a few slices of meat, but always half a plate or more of Indian Basmati rice or Japanese ‘sticky’ rice. If I ate a pound of meat per WEEK it was unusal. Using Indian spices, the food smelled and tasted terrific. However, my sweet tooth was strong. SWEET coffee, a “healthy” muffin or other snack with more sweet coffee at intervals less than 2 hours. My endurnce was very poor: having to refuel at two hour intervals during the work day or my energy and concentration would decay badly. Being an engineer, concentration and endurance are critically important. My eyes were rapidly decaying (posterior uvitis/”bird shot” Rx = predinisone 60mG/Day) to delay my eventual DIAGNOSED impending blindness!!! Rapidly increasing obesity and blood pressure.

My good friend Al suggested that I might consider “Keto” helpful (I was morbidly obese) for him, he took off 20-25 pounds his first month and felt GREAT. I am a “why guy” I need to know WHY something works, before I will even consider it valid to test. I studied all I could find online about the theory of why Low Carb WORKs. Internet and books by Drs. Jason Fung, Ken Berry, I began to understand the HORMONAL response to my high carb, refined sugar and “vegetable oils” diet. Nina Teichulz was a wealth of information on fake oils and real meat. Your channel was in there BUT I can tell you that – at that time- I thought that I would never go full carnivore because I was so conditioned to believe that it was unhealthy. Now, here I am.

Initially my dietary rules were simple: zero surgars, absolutely 20gm of carbohydrates or less per day, no fake oils. I measured my morning/fasting blood sugars, blood pressure and more, my Wife (a very good nurse) assumned that if this worked, I would eventurally need to reduce or eliminate some medications: that was indeed a correct assumption. We were both VERY concerned about my eventual ‘need’ for insulin injections looming in my future as a T2 diabetic; we both knew that we could not afford it with my greatly reduced retirement income.

I noticed the loss of fat and was amazed, to be satisfied. If I became ‘snacky’ I’d make bacon and eggs or a burger patty and the problem was solved. I began eating more meat and above ground veggies in rich butter/heavy cream sauces with caramelized red wine for flavor (Remember the “French paradox”? They eat full fat everything and are generally slim. 🙂 I was still doing breakfast, so 3 – 4 egg, butter omelets with some

chives and garlic, with cheese started the day with coffee. Red meats at meals were rapidly introduced in increasingly larger amounts. 1 – 2 pounds becoming normal.

1. Ribeyes = I finally understood what being ‘sated’ at mealtime meant!

2. My energy between meals was excellent – no slumps as when I was carb fueled. It was like having a huge fuel tank once I was ‘fat adapted’. My Wife noticed that my energy level was ‘through the roof’: house projects and more were getting done.

3. My morning fasting blood sugars dropped from the 200’s to below 100 for the first time since I began monitoring them a year earlier.

4. Due to light-headedness, I went off Metformin – which required a few tries before I stabilized.

5. BP was far too low 117/70’ish and I worked with my Doc to get a ‘baby dose’ of Losartan, which I still seem to require. (I’ve been hypertensive since my thirties – high stress jobs…)

Before diet change – my diagnosed ‘conditions’ and symptoms were:

> Severe Sleep Apnea

> Dangerously high blood pressure

> Posterior uvitis (“birdshot”) retinal flashes, and bleeding inside my eyes!

Retina Doc mentions: “Where is ALL this inflammation coming from?”

> CPAP required for sleep


> Constant tooth decay and very red and swollen gums. My dentist hated what he saw.

> Constant and increasing 2+ pitting edema on shins

> Fatty liver. Doctor: “Sooo, tell me about your drinking?” and I wondered did where THIS came from?

> Slow or no healing – example: a hole on my shin remained unhealed for many months.

Even routine scratches remained for many weeks or more.

> Peripheral neuropathy on outside three toes on both feet.

> Infections in odd places, wound edges, skin folds. (Glycated body was probably TASTY for pathogens?)

> 6x daily meds – before diet change:

> Losartan 125 mG w

> HCTZ 25 ?

> T2D

> Metformin 500 mG to increase if needed later – never needed 🙂

> Anti-inflammatory Rx: Tramadol and more as their effectiveness diminished.

> Pain meds PRN for knee injury.

> Couldn’t slide into some restaurant booths, would have to squeeeze behind the car’s driving wheel. Very sore joints and chronic body aches (was told that this is “normal” aging)

Jennifer Gains More Dense Muscle On The Carnivore Diet

Jennifer is a 45-year-old nurse & bodybuilder that has experienced significant healing effects on carnivore for auto immune diseases. She has rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis along with IBS-C, severe SPK in both eyes resulting from the diseases. She has 4 kids, ages 25-22-21-16. She trains fasted, and eating this way has put dense muscle on with zero supplements.

Nicole D Is Her Best Self On The Carnivore Diet

I am an aspiring Revero Health Coach. I began the Carnivore Diet July 1, 2019 after giving Keto a try to rid myself of recurring infections such as mastitis and UTI’s. Little did I know, my left kidney was holding on to a larg calcium oxalate kidney stone. 3 months in to Carnivore the stone tried to exit and got stuck in my ureter. It caused a back up in my kidney which began leaking. I became septic and had fluid on my left lung. Of course all the doctors and some of my family urged me to stop eating so much meat because they all believed a meat heavy diet would further damage my already failing kidneys. I had a decision to make and all I could do was listen to my body. My instincts told me to tune them out and keeping going. It took me almost 3 months to recover from my kidney situation, but recover I did and even though my left kidney has permanent damage from the stone, I was upgraded from 6 month Nephrology appointments to 12 months. In addition to overcoming kidney stones, Carnivore has also helped me lose weight, put my Hashimotos Autoimmune symptoms into remission, and has received me of my arthritis pain.

Annette gets rid of IBS on a carnivore diet

The overriding reason I have come to this point is ‘Gut Pain’ and not the need to lose weight.

I am a 61 year old wife, a mother of two grown-up children and the owner/trainer of a young, high spirited Working Cocker Spaniel! 

Being the youngest of 3 daughters in a working class family, I grew up on mothers home cooking and baking, with a dinner and pudding every evening and homemade cakes in the cupboard.

“As a child I had no digestive issues that I was aware of, although food played an enormous part of daily family life, especially around celebrations and get-togethers.

At the age of 24 I got married to the wrong person and experienced a life changing trauma.  I struggled with an eating disorder (age 24 to 34), raging gut pain, constipation and terrible GAS (age 34 to 56). My children and husband observed my issues, but just sympathised. I became a recluse every day after I had eaten lunch.  Celebrations were an absolute nightmare, always ending with tremendous pain caused by gas I couldn’t pass.  My life became very restricted socially.

I began the low FODMAP diet after seeing a Dietician and began to understand that some plants contain fermentable carbohydrates that can cause some people gut pain and gas!

With no proper answers to my problems, I turned to You Tube and never looked back! I did Keto, but couldn’t handle the leafy greens.  When I found Shawn Baker I was over joyed because he gave me permission to simply leave out all the foods that gave me gut grief, and just eat the delicious meat, eggs and some fish that I love.  Shawn and others like him on You tube, literally gave me a second chance at life.

It’s been a process with lots of experimenting along the way.  Thank heavens for Shawn Baker

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