June 26, 2022

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Ex-Plant Eater Josie Defeats Ulcerative Colitis

A Vegan Overnight: Josie’s Journey to Plant-Based Eating After Struggling with Ulcerative Colitis    When Josie stumbled across a PETA tent at the tender age of 13, she was so moved by their content that she became a vegan overnight.   Fast forward ten years later, and her health was going downhill—fast. After being admitted to the hospital multiple times,

Adam Recovers Very Well From Crossfit Workouts

From MMA to CrossFit: Discovering the Benefits of Functional Fitness   Adam lives in Venice, Florida, and owns a CrossFit gym in Northport, Florida. As a competitive MMA fighter in his 20s, Adam joined a CrossFit gym, thinking he would “be able to destroy it.” What happened, though, was that “I’m not even joking when I tell you there were

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