February 16, 2021

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Khaled improved physical and mental health and mood and mental clarity on a carnivore diet

Khaled began his health journey two years ago to improve his physical and mental health through better nutrition. Coming from a standard American diet, Khaled often felt sluggish and noticed his brain fog was getting worse. He started with a low-carb diet and, over the last year, transitioned to a carnivore diet. Trained as a physician for over twenty years,

Katie started the carnivore diet for weight loss and is the healthiest she has ever been

Katie grew up on a standard American diet and had very few restrictions on what she ate. She struggled with allergies, asthma, anger, and menstrual issues until beginning a carnivore diet a year ago. Today, she is at her healthiest weight and continues to heal from all of the above!  At 16, Katie was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Landon changed his relationship with food on a carnivore diet

Landon’s Struggle with Weight and Health Issues Landon struggled with his weight and wanted to set a better example for his wife and two sons. At 5’7”, he weighed 235 pounds and had over 35% body fat. “I was a walking heart attack!” he shares. “I knew I had to do something with my diet for my kids’ sake, not

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