December 26, 2020

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Allergies tips by coach Alitheia

I have a histamine intolerance (possible Medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase – MCAD – deficiency) / casein allergy/ and several intolerances such as: Gluten, lactose, olive oil/ fodmap/ sulfur/sugar and oxalate sensitivity – dietary disability, basically.   For histamine intolerance you can do a few things, to reduce histamine reactions: as a carnivore freeze your meat. That really helps further histamine buildup.

Autism tips by coach Alitheia

I am diagnosed autistic. Carnivory and going FAT adapted were definitely the game-changer, especially with digestive issues and mental clarity. Autistics often have gut issues and also can’t focus so well / brain fog and whatnot. Dr. Robert Naviaux’s hypothesis is, autistics are in a chronic CELL Danger Response state. So far there is no evidence for that, but to

Cognitive function tips by coach Elizabeth B

Healthy cognition is judged by your ability to remember and the speed at which you are able to solve problems. Language, imagination, perception, and planning are all cognitive functions of the brain. Any neurological degeneration will cause a decline in cognitive function, which is defined a dementia. This will also cause the loss of motor function. Alzheimer’s disease is a

Thyroid function tips by coach Elizabeth B

Thyroid hormone is the first hormone to have evolved in multicellular organisms when they left the iodine-rich atmosphere of the sea to live on land. Iodine was so important the thyroid evolved to make sure it was always available to cells. Endocrinologists have postulated that thyroid hormone controls all endocrine organs. Thyroid hormone is the first hormone to develop in

5 reasons carnivore diet can aid in drug and alcohol recovery by coach Emily R

It’s sugar free- Sweet food triggers the same dopamine (pleasure) receptors that are triggered by substance abuse. Many people find they gain weight when they become sober from drugs and alcohol, because they have replaced their addiction to drugs or alcohol with an addiction to food. A carnivore diet doesn’t include any sweet foods and therefore isn’t likely to develop

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