October 26, 2020

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Matt no longer has joint pain following a carnivore diet

Matt’s Journey From Joint Pain To Surfing With A Carnivore Diet   Matt has always led an active lifestyle in Sydney, Australia, and has tried his best to follow the changing nutrition guidelines. In his early fifties, Matt’s joint pain left him unable to enjoy his favorite sport, surfing.   Lectins And Joint Pain: How Matt Discovered The Carnivore Diet

Jim lowered his triglycerides and blood pressure on a carnivore diet

Jim’s Health Changes With Carnivore Going Carnivore has made an amazing change in my life.  What has changed for me is now I have the kind of energy that I haven’t had for 30 years, I have lost all the inflamation that was in my joints, I have had 6 surgical clean outs and major ACL repair on my knee and

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