March 28, 2020

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Kurt improved his digestion, mood and anxiety on a carnivore diet

Growing up I had gut issues the majority of my childhood. I would regularly get bloated and experience stomach cramps and diarrhea after meals.   All the while others eating the same foods would have much less of a reaction. I saw several specialists, experienced several uncomfortable exams and tests and we never found a “cause” that was treatable in

Matthew recovered his health from a vegan diet by going carnivore

Hi,   I shared this on a carnivore fb page tmand they told me to contact you guys with my story.   “I’m posting this for motivation to others and to share my experience of how veganism ruined my health and took me a long time to recover. Only recently being 3 months primarily Carnivore have I begun to full

Krissy eliminated chronic pain on carnivore diet

Hi I’m Krissy. Let me give you a little bit of background first: I always had an interest in health from the time I was young when I worked as a lifeguard, swam, and was very active. I originally wanted to become a doctor to help others with their health so my first degree was in Biology.  Starting My Own

Dwayne improved asthma, mood and skin a carnivore diet

Dwayne’s Background:    From living in Nova Scotia, Canada, growing up, I competed and coached at a national level in snowboarding. After retiring from that started an agency to represent and market brands to retailers and have been doing that ever since.   How I came to Carnivore:    Jan 2019, I was on a snowmobile trip in the mountains

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