October 29, 2018

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Sim improved autism, depression and anxiety on a carnivore diet

My Experience With Autism Spectrum Disorder   Hey!   Love the incentive and want to share my story. There are not that many who discussed Autism, so I want to do my part! You can share my name: Sim Van Daele, and all the pictures.   I was born with Autism Spectrum Disorder which in the ’90s was still kind

Corina eliminates depression and anxiety on carnivore diet

As a kid I loved meat, fish, cheese and butter. Since I am from Switzerland, I certainly had my share of good quality cheeses. In particular the goat and sheep cheeses were my favourite. Unfortunately, Switzerland is also famous for its delicious chocolate. I stuffed my face with it daily. I was definitely a sugar junkie. Fruits and vegetables had

Bobby improves prostate function, lowers PSA score on carnivore diet

Bobby Improves Prostate Issues with Carnivore   I’m a male, age 83, and this is Aug. 4, 2019. I began the carnivore diet in late 2018.   I’ve lost approximately 5 or 6 inches on my waist and, at 5’11,” reduced my weight by 40 or 50 pounds (from 230 to 180) since doing the paleo diet (started 30 months

Will loses over 70 pounds in 7 months on a carnivore diet

My Weight Loss Journey On The Carnivore Diet   I’m a 25-year-old male, and I’ve lost 72 lbs in the past 202 days on the carnivore diet.   My story, I assume, is like most. I tried what I thought was everything, even taking some kind of extract that was supposed to stop me from being hungry so I could

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