Travis improved his arthritis and pain on a carnivore diet

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I would first like to say thank you Dr. Baker. I found you through Mark Bell and took your advice about a carnivore diet and it has completely given me my life back. About 4 years ago I started experiencing pain in my hips, feet, and hands. It progressively got worse and spread all over my body and after a lot of doctors appointments with specialists it was determined I had RA (rheumatoid arthritis.) I was immediately put on the normal RA medications but continued to get worse to the point that I would go days without being able to get out of bed. The doctor upped the medication and I experienced shortness of breath even just sitting not doing anything, my blood pressure was at extreme levels to the point that when I went to the doctor and the nurse took my blood pressure she went pale and rushed to get the doctor. 

Long story short the medicine was killing me and I wasn’t getting any better. I lost my heavy lifting factory job eventually which means I lost insurance and couldn’t afford specialist and medications. I heard you and Mark Bell talk about the carnivore diet on his podcast and thought what do I have to lose, so I gave it a shot. Within 2 months time my blood pressure was in completely normal ranges and my RA symptoms were completely gone and I wasn’t experiencing any flare ups. At this point I am still off all prescription medications including RA and blood pressure medications. 

I have not had any issues in three and a half years now and have went from stuck in bed in pain back to working out in the gym lifting weights 4 to 5 days a week and being able to enjoy life with my wife and 3 kids, and now have a 4th on the way, something that wouldn’t be possible if I were still on the medications and suffering from my horrible autoimmune disease. Me and my wife have literally cried when we think about how far I’ve come and the fact that at one point we thought “normal” life was over. Me and my entire family cannot thank you and Mark enough for all that you do in getting the word out about the carnivore diet, and standing up and fighting to get the truth out.

 Meat heals and people deserve to know the truth, especially those who suffer daily through horrible life altering autoimmune diseases. I will continue the carnivore diet for the rest of my life (I’m only 35) and I will do my part to spread the word and all of the success stories to help fight the good fight and get the word out to the world that meat heals! Thank you Dr. Baker you have truly given me my life back!

        Forever indebted to you,

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