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PKD Adapted Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

These individual portions make an easy meal for one or more people. It can also be prepared ahead and just baked before eating.  I used thinly sliced beef because that’s what I had at home. You can use ground beef or lamb, if you prefer.  I used celery root instead of the original potatoes. 80g celery contains about 7g carbohydrates,

How to make Beef or Lamb Carnivore Waffles

Andy, one of our coaches,  will show you how to make Carnivore Waffles Recipe 8 ounces of either ground beef or lamb 4-5 eggs (substitute duck eggs if you want too!) Use ghee or butter or tallow or duck fat. Check out our full shopping list of approved carnivore foods as well as a sample meal plan. 

Lamb Ribs with Chermoula Recipe

‘Shut the gate’ is one of the funniest ways to express when something is so fantastic that there is nothing left to say on the matter. Well, I reckon this lamb rib dish is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of cooking and eating; so, yeah . . . shut the damn gate! In all seriousness,

Lamb Chops with Anchovy Aioli Recipe

One of the more unusual flavour combinations I was introduced to when I started my chef apprenticeship about 30 years ago was the marriage of anchovy and lamb. The salty nature of anchovies works so well with lamb, that I have used this combination in many ways since that first encounter. Try this classic surf and turf for yourself, I

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