Stephen healed Ulcerative Colitis on Keto and Seborrheic Dermatitis on carnivore lifestyle

Stephen’s Health Struggles and Journey to Healing


Stephen has been a personal trainer since the early 2000s but says he didn’t learn about holistic healing until his health declined in 2009. Stephen began noticing blood in his stool. The problem progressed until 2010. Stephen sought medical treatment and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis– or ulcers in his colon.


Stephen says he ended up in the hospital three times for his ulcerative colitis. There were days when he was in the hospital, he could not eat or drink and often vomited.


Beyond his ulcerative colitis diagnosis, Stephen also struggled with seborrheic dermatitis, inflammation of the skin, as well as sinus inflammation which he took medications to treat.


Experimenting with Different Diets: From Paleo to All Meat


After his multiple health issues arose, Stephen began looking into alternative health treatments, including changing his diet. Soon after his ulcerative colitis diagnosis, Stephen followed the paleo diet, which morphed into a low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet. Stephen’s doctors were not supportive of his diet.


Stephen was told to eat more fiber and less saturated fats. During his last hospital stay, he even had a doctor force him to eat a cookie before he would allow him to leave.


However, Stephen couldn’t deny that the fewer carbohydrates he ate, the better he felt. After spending some time following the keto diet, Stephen had his bloodwork tested by his doctor, who was shocked to find his ulcerative colitis levels were gone. His doctor told him, “keep doing what you are doing.”


The Carnivore Diet: Stephen’s Experience and Results


Stephen began to lean in on his health and, in 2013, experimented with an all-meat diet. He says at the time, a local health food store was running a special on rotisserie chickens, so he only ate chicken for a few months– and felt great!


Stephen experimented with other diets, including vegan and vegetarian, but says they both made him feel ill. He couldn’t deny that his body felt its best when he only ate meat, so in March 2020, Stephen committed to following the carnivore diet.


Stephen says he usually felt fantastic immediately while eating all meat, including his previous experiments. However, in 2020 he did experience some transitional issues, mainly diarrhea, which he thinks may have been linked to the supplements he was taking at the time. Since then, Stephen has only been thriving on the carnivore diet.


Stephen’s Approach to Helping Clients Transition to the Carnivore Diet


Stephen describes eating one meal daily, usually, after he gets home from work, around nine to eleven in the evening. Stephen loves eating steak, burgers, ground beef, and ground organs.


Stephen is a health coach and personal trainer and has been able to help his clients transition to the carnivore way of eating. Stephen says his advice to his clients usually starts with trying the paleo or keto diet before transitioning to all meat.


Stephen says most of his clients come from a background of digestive and autoimmune diseases, and the carnivore diet benefits them.


Stephen is grateful that he has not only been able to change his health but the health of his clients, and he is looking forward to continued healing on the carnivore diet.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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