Pranavan improved blood pressure and fitness on the carnivore diet

From Tradition to Carnivore Diet

Pranavan, like many of us, grew up believing in the merits of a well-balanced diet. He followed the guidelines touted by health professionals: whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and a moderation of red meats and saturated fats. He ardently stuck to these dietary principles, especially given his family history with diabetes and heart disease. It was a silent promise to himself, to fight the genetic predisposition and stay as healthy as possible.

However, as the years passed and he transitioned into his mid-thirties, there were undeniable changes. His once reliable energy levels began to wane, gym routines became chores, and to his alarm, his blood pressure began its steady climb upwards. Was his genetic fate catching up, despite his dietary diligence?

Not one to accept fate without a fight, Pranavan embarked on a journey of dietary exploration. From Atkins to Mediterranean to high-protein diets, he tried them all. However, while researching these diets, he chanced upon the works of Dr. Sean Baker and the radical carnivore diet. The simplicity of the diet appealed to him – eating only animal products and eliminating all plant-based foods. As someone nearing 40, Pranavan was intrigued and decided to test the waters.

The effects, he found, were astonishing. Within weeks, his vitality surged, his workouts felt more rewarding, and his health markers, including his troubling blood pressure, stabilized. It was like rediscovering his twenties’ energy in his forties.

The Power of Protein

Now fully invested in the carnivore lifestyle, Pranavan’s diet became refreshingly straightforward. No longer calorie counting or tracking his macro intake rigorously, he simply ate when hungry. He frequently ended up consuming one to two large meals a day. Eggs were a staple; there were days when he ate up to 20. For him, eggs were not just a source of high-quality protein but a testament to nature’s nutritional wisdom, packaging essential fats and micronutrients in a single entity.

Red meat, too, became a regular feature. Living in Australia meant access to a diverse range of high-quality meats. From kangaroo steaks to venison and classic beef from grass-fed cattle, Pranavan relished them all, absorbing their nutrient density and reveling in their taste.

Coffee Cravings and Fat Balance

Yet, Pranavan was human. His Achilles heel? Coffee. A cup or two of pure, black coffee was his daily ritual. Sometimes, in a nod to the keto community, he’d blend in butter or MCT oil for that extra kick. While the carnivore diet was predominantly about protein, Pranavan didn’t neglect fats. However, instead of adding copious amounts, he relied on the naturally occurring fats in his food. On days when he felt particularly drained, a spoonful of bone marrow or a slice of fatty steak did the trick.

Family, Food, and Philosophy

Pranavan’s family watched his transformation with mixed feelings. While they didn’t completely convert to the carnivore way, changes were evident. His children, though free to enjoy fruits and the occasional vegetable, began to consume more protein. Processed foods, especially those laden with refined sugars, were minimized. Evening meals became family affairs where plates were laden with a variety of meats.

Beyond his family, Pranavan harbored a broader vision. The world was trapped in a health crisis, battling chronic diseases and widespread misinformation. If his journey was any testimony, a radical rethinking of diet could be the key to unlocking better public health. Through seminars, workshops, and personal consultations, he started evangelizing the merits of a protein-rich diet, hoping to guide others to the health epiphanies he had experienced.

This was not just a diet for Pranavan; it was a movement, a revolution in thinking, a path to better health for everyone willing to tread it.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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