Oxalate dumping tips by coach Parveen S

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I would like to share a few tips as a coach who can help you with oxalate dumping. 


Oxalate dumping can be cyclical and is a signaling process. Once you go carnivore and you carry a heavy vegetarian load, the oxalate crystals in your body will be released. Oxalates can be found in your blood flow and once you stop eating foods high in oxalates your body will think it’s safe to begin releasing them. 


The rest of your organs and tissues will start dumping.  Symptoms of oxalate dumping can vary and are all over the place and can appear as sudden onset flu symptoms along with so many more. If you’re having a hard time managing your oxalate dumping there are many interventions and supplements that you can bring into your diet to help manage this.

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2 thoughts on “Oxalate dumping tips by coach Parveen S”

  1. Hi my name is Michael

    I jumped into carnivore cold turkey and on day 3 or 4 my upper eyelid swelled up and got really irritated and red it was painful and scared me actually.
    My naturopath Dr I work with told me that I’m feeling detox reactions from fat cells releasing toxins, but my liver is not in such good shape to handle that burden. I also have gut dysbiosis(SIBO) and I just couldn’t take it anymore on day 6 so I stopped and ate carbs again along with cacao to stop the dumping symptoms. I want to do this carnivore diet because I felt awesome mental clarity and energy while detoxing at the same time, it was weird but I know this is a good way to get my health back! Please someone help me transition, can a coach help me? And do they know about this oxalate dumping stuff?

    1. Hi I am a fellow oxalate sufferer. I used to have a green spinach smoothie AND a spinach salad every day until it almost killed me. Literally. I did a low carb low oxalate diet for about a year, and went through having hard pieces of oxalate become expelled through my skin. I followed Sally K. Norton’s advise and it has really helped. Eating a “clean” diet has so helped me, and carnivore can certainly be that way, but for me 20-40 grams of carb with a limited eating window helped a lot my first year of recovery from a plant heavy diet.

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