Kandy Healing Journey With A Carnivore Lifestyle

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Thankyou Dr. Baker and Masha for taking time to read this email. The help I have received thru Revero in my 3 months with you is more powerful than I can put into words. I have been so chronically sick for so many yrs, with nothing but prescriptions from Dr’s as “answers”. Thankyou for the work you do, it I priceless. To those of us regaining our health and regaining our life, there isn’t a proper way to thankyou. 

My first phone call with a coach was Trudy, and she helped clear something up multiple Dr’s and ER visits couldn’t. I was being told I was dehydrated which is why I had such cramping and it triggered my A-FIB when in fact it was overhydration. I had been overbydrating for 1 yr straight. Thankful Trudy helped me understanding what a TEAM of Dr’s couldn’t. (Yes i had told them each i drank a ton of water, I don’t believe Dr’s believed me.)

Brett has been my coach for a bit. I am severely underweight and working on gaining both weight and strength. During our coaching session he mentioned how important it was to get my anxiety dealt with before I focused on other things. My illness has been very anxiety inducing, and with his help it no longer plays the role it use to. I can’t tell you the impact his mental health meeting, his coaching calls and simple texts have been for me. I really don’t know where i would be without him. I believe my progress would have been much slower had I not began the process of recognizing the role anxiety has played, and letting it go. I am uncomfortable talking about anxiety even in his email, but Brett makes me feel very safe and capable of moving past things. I believe with his own personal experience he has insight that many of us don’t. 

I switched to carnivore after lossing waaaaay to much weight eating Paleo. Carnivore did stop the weightloss but due to another heart med being introduced that made me severely (really I felt like I was dying for months) sick I could barely sit up and eat and started loosing more weight. Basically my family had an intervention of sorts wanting to put me in a facility or have me hospitalized, an eating disorder was mentioned…they are generally a loving wonderful family but believe that my food choices are what was making me sick. Not the heart meds. Not the inability to eat due to loss of strength. 

I have gotten much stronger, gained a few lbs, but it is slow progress. My mom is going to sit in with me during my next coaching session with Brett. When I explained to him the situation he invited her. Which is lovely and I believe it will help her feel more comfortable. She will LOVE him. 

As a widow, a single mom, and someone who has been terribly sick for yrs-thankyou for spreading HOPE. ❤This tribe is like family to me, I am so thankful, just wanted you guys to know. 

Eating meat and feeling strong,


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