Josh lost weight on the carnivore diet

Josh is 32 years old and has succeeded in overcoming one of the most common challenges that new parents encounter. His story shows that he was not willing to accept the progression of weight gain that many men (and women) experience after they become parents.

Josh found out that if you don’t pay attention to your diet, stressful circumstances can make things even worse. “Back in December my wife and I had a baby, the months leading up to the delivery of our baby girl, I was eating anything and everything. If the wife would get cravings I would get cravings.” This is a common scenario, in part fueled by how many modern “foods” are actually engineered in a lab and optimized to trigger our appetite and hunger mechanisms and make us eat more of the product. When people are under stress, this effect is magnified.

Like many people, Josh found himself gaining weight, which is a very common outcome that results from lockdowns and lots of junk food. “All of a sudden we are sent into lockdown due to COVID, which just got my diet out of control, and I desperately needed a change. I started to feel very out of shape, weighing my heaviest at 210 lbs.” It was a challenge for many people, and a study published in the journal Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome found that 48% of Americans gained weight during the lockdowns. Josh was determined to not join their ranks!

Josh needed something to chase, something to focus on as a goal for motivation. He soon found it: “I had seen a free online 30-day shred competition pop up on my Facebook one day that was starting May 1st, 2020. I thought to myself, Hey, I may as well register and that will be a great start. I ended up winning that competition and with that came three months of free training from a very reputable trainer based out of Los Angeles.”

Josh found great metabolic benefits from cutting out all processed foods and eating the diet that humans evolved to eat. This diet, along with intermittent fasting and regular exercise, proved to be a successful combination for him: “My diet consisted of animal-based products and a lot of training! 6 days a week, twice a day.” Processed foods bear no resemblance to the food that humans evolved to eat.

Josh also exercised while fasting, a strategy many have found helps boost the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel. “I did a daily fasted cardio early in the morning before work, and then I would do some weight lifting at night.”

Through his dedication and focus and the help of an online group competition, Josh was able to transform his physique and health during a time when almost half of the US population saw their weight increase and their health plummet. “Fast forward to today I am at my goal weight of 180 lbs. Thanks for allowing me to share my carnivore diet success story!

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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1 thought on “Josh lost weight on the carnivore diet”

  1. Josh, I would love to learn more about what types of food/meat you were eating, as well as your training program. Your results are remarkable, especially while being a new dad and having time to work out twice a day 6 times a day.

    I am Lifting 2-3 times a week now, gaining strength and volume, but unsure if things like Protein shakes are necessary for me. I still have about 30-40 lbs to lose, already lost 30 lbs and am currently at around 242 lbs (6’3″).

    Thanks for any advice

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