Getting started on the carnivore diet tips by coach Michele F

It helps to look at your upcoming calendar and choose a time period during which eating a carnivore diet will be a manageable goal. Most people find that a minimum of 6 weeks allows their body to feel results. Most of us don’t begin with a plan to continue this way of eating for a year; however, it often happens naturally that after 6 weeks, we feel so much better, we keep going. In the beginning, many of us planned to try Carnivore for 6 weeks.

 It’s good to pick a specific length of time so you can set your mind on that intention. When looking at your calendar, it can help to choose a period of time during which no major events (like weddings or parties) are planned. If that is not possible, because your calendar is filled with many activities and/or travel, then it’s best to just START now (versus trying to pick the “perfect time”). If you can begin carnivore during a time filled with many events, it may actually help you build coping skills, resiliency, and the ability to participate in those events with the most clarity. So, what’s most important is starting, versus awaiting the perfect time to start. 

Ensure that you have ample meat stocked in your refrigerator and freezer so that you’re not tempted to reach for foods outside of your plan. It’s also visually reassuring to see that you have robust supplies and are living with abundance. It can be helpful to notify people with whom you live that you’re going to try a particular way of eating, in advance, so they will be less likely to offer you foods that do not fit in your plan. Giving them notice may also help prevent them from feeling offended when you’re declining their offers of foods because they’ll know you’re doing an experiment for your own health.

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