Getting started on the carnivore diet tips by coach Dana S

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  1. Write down your “whys”.  Document why are you are switching to a carnivore diet, what is going on in your life that brought you to this way of eating, and what you are trying to change or heal. 
  2. Join Revero and attend meetings where you can ask questions, gain knowledge, get support, or find a coach.
  3. If you are an “all or nothing” kind of person, just start. Eat only animal-based foods …or go all in with just meat, salt, and water.  Know that this approach will likely bring stronger transition symptoms more rapidly, but healing may be quicker too. 
  4. If you are a “slow and easy” kind of person, try eating only animal-based foods at one meal a day for a few days or the first week.  Then try switching another meal a day to all animal-based foods for a few days until all your meals are animal-based.  Transitioning will likely be more drawn out but not be as strong.  Healing may be slower but without as much discomfort.
  5. Optional – Take before photos and continue to take photos along our journey.
  6. Optional – If you like tracking, feel free to track whatever you want, just know it is not necessary with this way of eating.

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