Dealing with cravings and staying accountable tips by coach Michele F

To cope with cravings, it helps greatly to hydrated! Sometimes, you may think that you have a food craving, but you’re really just thirsty.  Secondly, when you have a craving, it can help to ask yourself, “Am I hungry?”  When you’re hungry, your brain may send you a memory of a particular food it recalls having enjoyed in the past. That does NOT mean we must go acquire that food! It’s just a signal that we are hungry, and usually anything we eat will satisfy that craving. So when you are hungry, EAT!  Almost always, I find cravings for other foods disappear when I eat meat.

To stay accountable, it can be very helpful to put your Carnivore “start date” on a physical (wall) calendar. Such as writing “First Day Carnivore”  on your start date. That calendar can be a valuable visual motivator!  It’s satisfying to observe the longevity of your journey and how well you did with sticking to your goal, if you have written a start date on the calendar. 

Telling a close friend or family member about your goal, can also boost your motivation and help you stay accountable to your goal. Once we’ve shared with someone we trust that we are working on a goal, we begin to feel excited to be able to tell them, “I DID IT!” when we reach our goal.   So share! Tell your loved ones (or at least one person) that you are giving this a try!

Even if you’re not following-up with that person, daily, it will be so satisfying to know that after the six weeks you’ll be able to tell them that you succeeded! 

Community also helps us stay accountable. I highly recommend attending at least one Revero meeting, each week. You have the opportunity to hear others’ tell their stories, share their experiences and tips, and you can just observe how good others report feeling. This community engagement will help motivate you to stick to your plan because you’ll want to see such an outcome for yourself. 

Revero also offers Coaching sessions at low cost. Being connected to a Coach on a weekly (or even a more frequent) basis can be an immensely powerful tool to help you stay motivated and accountable in your journey!

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