Dealing with cravings tips by coach Dana S

Cravings are usually short lived in the moment but can last for a while until you are fully adapted.

  1. Abstinence works wonders but takes time be fully effective.
  2. Avoid trigger foods.
  3. Avoid putting anything sweet in your mouth, especially if you are a sugar or carb addict.
  4. If possible, remove trigger foods from your home/office.
  5. Have animal-based products on hand (homemade bone broth, bacon, extra beef patties, cheese, coffee with pure cream, butter, tallow sticks, eggs, etc).
  6. Make sure you are eating until completely full when you are hungry.
  7. Drink some water, flat, sparkling, salted.
  8. Look at the ingredients of any processed foods you may be eating.  Some ingredients can trigger cravings.
  9. Get a coach or lean on your support system.
  10. Join the Revero community meetings for support.
  11. Stay busy, do something else like go for a walk.
  12. Avoid trigger locations or trigger activities that you associate with poor food choices.

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