Chris reversed macular degeneration through the carnivore diet

Unveiling the Mystery of Diet and Disease

For years, Chris, a physician, had been troubled by the rising tide of chronic diseases and the declining health of countless patients. Why were more people suffering? The answer, he believed, lay in the modern Western diet, riddled with processed foods and vegetable oils. Seeking a solution, Chris embarked on a journey to understand the implications of dietary choices and rediscover ancestral eating patterns.

Discovering Ancestral Eating

Diving deep into history, Chris uncovered that in the past, communities across the world had vibrant health, free from the chronic diseases that plague modern society. From the Bantu in South Africa to the Tokelau in the Pacific, people thrived on diets specific to their native regions. These traditional diets didn’t include modern processed foods or sugars. The link between ancestral diets and health became evident, emphasizing the necessity of whole, unprocessed foods.

Eskimos and the Magic of Native Diets

To understand the versatility and health benefits of traditional diets, one need not look further than the Eskimos and the Inuit. Inhabitants of Northern America’s icy terrains, their diet is primarily composed of seal oil, fish, caribou, and elk. Surprisingly, their intake of fruits or vegetables is minimal, limited to a few berries during summer. Yet, these communities exhibit robust health. Their diet isn’t filled with vegetables like the typical American diet; it’s tailored to their environment and needs.

Carnivore Diet: A Take on Ancestral Eating

The principles of native diets led Chris to the carnivore diet, a way of eating that focuses on consuming only animal products. This diet shuns processed foods, making it deeply nutritious. Chris posits that when one consumes traditionally raised animals, particularly those raised on grass, the diet provides everything the body needs. Consuming the whole animal becomes a holistic approach to nourishment.

Pork and Its Place in the Diet

The carnivore diet doesn’t limit itself to beef. Pork, when pasture-raised, finds its place in this way of eating. The diet’s focus on traditionally raised animals becomes apparent when discussing pork. Ancestral methods of rearing pigs ensure they have a balanced diet, leading to healthier fat profiles. Chris mentions a study where traditionally raised pork was found to have only 2% omega 6 linoleic acid in their fat, showcasing the advantages of traditional farming methods.

Variations in Meat Quality

However, Chris acknowledges that not all meats are created equal. The quality and nutritional profile of meat can differ based on how the animal was raised. For instance, cattle grazing freely on grass will have different fat content than those in concentrated feeding operations consuming grains. However, even consuming the latter, if devoid of processed accompaniments, offers health benefits.

Progressing to Ancestral Eating

Chris stresses the importance of incremental progress. Starting with the elimination of vegetable oils can provide a significant health advantage. The next steps involve cutting out sugars, white flour, and other processed foods. For those aiming for the pinnacle of dietary health, transitioning to pasture-raised or ancestrally raised animals becomes the goal. Chris’s philosophy revolves around a foundational principle: understanding the bigger picture and making conscious choices to move closer to ancestral dietary patterns.

A Vision for a Healthier Future

While Chris has adopted the carnivore diet to combat personal health challenges, he sees its potential for broader societal impact. His work with the Cure AMD Foundation aims to eradicate macular degeneration, a debilitating eye disease. He and his colleagues believe that it’s possible to eliminate this and other chronic diseases with the right dietary strategy. For Chris, the path is clear: an ancestral diet holds the key to unlocking optimal health.


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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