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Veerle healed from PMS, mood swings, depression, and suicidal thoughts on a carnivore diet

Veere had been a vegetarian for seven years, and she was overweight. She injured her knee in a fall; it never healed properly, and it hurt when climbing stairs. Veerle developed carpal tunnel syndrome and couldn’t work. The condition always came back regularly.   Veerle’s Struggle with Health Issues and Addiction to Sugar   She found herself addicted to sugar

Mike S healed gout and increased his energy and mental freedom on a carnivore lifestyle

Mike’s Struggle with Gout and Diet Approaches After years of trying everything from the standard American diet loaded with sugar and processed foods to a vegan diet, Mike finally discovered the healing benefits of a carnivore diet. In the process, he healed his painful gout symptoms and optimized his health in every way.   Mike struggled with gout for many

Getting started on the carnivore diet tips by coach Michele F

It helps to look at your upcoming calendar and choose a time period during which eating a carnivore diet will be a manageable goal. Most people find that a minimum of 6 weeks allows their body to feel results. Most of us don’t begin with a plan to continue this way of eating for a year; however, it often happens

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