Carnivore transition period tips by coach Michele F

During the transition, it’s critical to stay motivated and REMEMBER YOUR “WHY”. Write down a list of all the reasons you are trying this way of eating. What do you want to discover? Or hope to see? Why challenge yourself in this way? What would you like to overcome? What successes have you heard about in others, which you want to see for yourself?

Keep your list of reasons in a location such as a small piece of paper in your wallet or purse, or in your phone calendar (with a reminder alert set) and read your list of reasons daily.

During the transition period, stay hydrated. Some of us find that drinking water with sea salt is helpful to maintain electrolyte levels.

Make sure you’re eating enough! You may not be accustomed to eating much meat, and filling your whole plate with meat feels unusual. Be sure that you’re eating when you’re hungry and eating until you’re full. There’s no need to plan to eat at specific pre-arranged “meal times”. If you are not hungry, feel free to wait until you get hungry to eat, again.

Deep-diving into Carnivore-related books, websites, and podcasts and immersing oneself in information can help keep us connected to our goals, reasons for trying this way of eating, and benefitting from the available education and knowledge. During my journey, I listened to at least one podcast episode per day during my morning and evening commute, which helped me feel pumped, excited, motivated, connected, and educated during my journey.

I began my journey prior to the site being launched, so I listened to Human Performance Outliers podcast or Carnivore Cast. Now, you have the benefit of hearing many success stories and VIP speakers on our very own podcast!  Use these resources!!

Utilizing these resources is like having a touchstone to your goal.  Staying connected in the community helps immensely!  It reminds you that you are a part of a large, growing community of individuals and families exploring ways to improve health, lifestyle, and environment. It provides much needed mental, emotional, and social support.  Connection to other Carnivore helps you remember that your goal is part of a much larger movement, and feeling that kind of connection motivates you to stick to your goal.

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