Carnivore transition period tips by coach Emily R

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  1. Keep it simple- Just pick meat you enjoy and can afford! Many people include organs in their carnivore diet, many don’t. Many carnivores enjoy dairy, some cannot tolerate it. Many find that they feel better on ruminant meat only, others eat any and every meat available. You have a long time to play with your diet. For now focus on what you’re NOT eating, and what you can enjoy. A palatable diet is easiest to sustain.
  1. Use more than one metric to measure progress- The scale is a useful tool, but it doesn’t tell the whole story! Many carnivores find they lose fat as they simultaneously gain muscle. They see huge changes in their body, but no movement on the scale. This is okay, it’s great actually! Some people come to a carnivore diet for chronic pain. Journaling their levels of pain day to day would be a much better measurement of progress for someone with arthritis than say, a scale. In the same respect, someone changing their diet for mental health purposes might find it useful to log their mood daily. Use the metrics that shows you your progress in the areas specific to you!
  1. Give it time – It took years for bad nutrition to wreck our health and while many carnivores do see improvement right away, some things take time. It can take a while to adjust to the diet, and it takes time to improve many conditions. The good news is, Carnivore.Diet has success stories of people just like you to help keep you going and show you its possible!
  1. Ask for help when you need it- Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Most of us are used to a world filled with unsubstantiated claims that meat is bad for us, and any healthy diet MUST include fruits and vegetables in large amounts. Now that you know these things aren’t true, it opens up a world of questions about what’s good for us and why. Hire a coach, join a meeting, or just ask a friend. Support is critical to success on your health journey. When you know what you’re doing, you can be empowered to take control of your health.
  1. Avoid the carnivore police – There is no right or wrong way to do a carnivore diet if you’re eating nutrient dense animal based foods. As long as it was an animal, or it came from one, you’re in carnivore territory. Just because dairy doesn’t agree with one person, it certainly doesn’t mean it can’t work for someone else! Don’t pay attention to people who treat their diet as if it’s a religion. If what you’re doing is improving your health and meeting your goals, continue on!

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