Carnivore diet tips by coach Michele F

To keep it easy, some find that it’s best not to begin with recipes and keep your food “plain and simple”. This will help you re-engage in the actual taste and texture of meat itself. Keeping your food simple gives you more time to enjoy and engage in other activities. In the beginning of your journey, it may be easiest to just purchase one type of meat, most weeks, such as steak. You can easily sprinkle a little salt over the steaks and put them in a pan in your broiler. Carnivore stays rather easy because there are few dishes to wash! However, there are some tricks to keep clean-up even faster and easier. I like to add a small amount of water to the bottom of my broiler pan to keep the meat from sticking; it helps make clean-up a cinch. Using the broiler is an easy way to get grilled flavor, even if you don’t have an outdoor grill.

It’s great to cook several pieces of meat at once so that you have leftovers for the next few days in the fridge. If you are not highly sensitive to potential histamines in leftover food, having leftover food available can help make sticking to carnivore even easier.

When travelling, it can be a great help to have some carnivore options handy. My personal favorite is the Carnivore Bar ( It tastes fantastic, is shelf-stable, high-fat and super portable. I love keeping these in my home to eat on days when I may just want a smaller meal or haven’t gone grocery shopping, yet. I have taken these bars on camping trips and even have stored them in my emergency home kit and Go-Bag. They are the size/shape of a “granola bar” so they don’t draw unwanted attention from others, and they have seriously made my travelling, working, and commuting easier as a Carnivore.

Other great options for simplifying the Carnivore lifestyle (especially when travelling, commuting or otherwise being on-the-go) are Carnivore Snax ( and Pemmican sticks (

I have no affiliation with these companies except that I have eaten and loved them all, and I’ve been so appreciative to them for making my carnivore transition and journey even easier and more pleasurable.

One wonderful thing about Carnivore is there’s often no need to snack! Many report feeling full and satisfied most of the day! We can often go longer periods of time without needing to eat. However, especially in the beginning of a new way of eating, it can still be anxiety-provoking to be in an airport or train station and become hungry without knowing what Carnivore options are available. These are the times when having a Carnivore Bar, Carnivore Snax, Pemmican Bar (or even simply a packet of salmon and a fork) tucked neatly into my suitcase or bag can bring me a feeling of ease and reassurance (and keep Carnivore easy!)

DR Shawn Baker

Reviewed & approved by
Dr. Shawn Baker, MD & Carnivore.Diet team.

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