Carnivore diet tips by coach Dana S

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Carnivore is a really easy way of eating

  1. Most meats can be cooked and plated in 15 minutes or less on stove top. 
  2. You can cook extra food like a roast or tenderloin and eat on it for a few meals.  These are good to take to work and reheat.
  3. Cooked Steak is good cold. 
  4. Ground beef, eggs, or bacon are usually super quick and easy to cook.
  5. Ninja Foodi Air Fryer and pressure cooker or similar options can cook even when you forgot to thaw. 
  6. Cook and freeze single servings…from meat to homemade bone broth. 
  7. You don’t have to do anything fancy.  Many of us eat the same thing every day and are both happy and satisfied.
  8. Feel free to try different foods.  Check out the recipes on MeatRx, or the weekly cooking meeting. 
  9. Always eat to satiety.  Eat like it is your job. 
  10. Avoid trigger foods, or the taste of sweet, especially if you are a carb or sugar addict.
  11. Have homemade bone broth and easy animal-based foods on hand, like butter, cheese, bacon, left over meats, eggs.
  12. Get a coach and establish a support system if you can
  13. Join Revero and use the community for support
  14. Look for recipes before you are hungry and need them to avoid them being a trigger.

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