Carnivore cooking tips by coach Michele F

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Buy a couple pounds of ground beef, sprinkle on some sea salt, and stir it in a Dutch oven on the stove, on medium heat. You will be pleased with how delicious and satisfying it is to taste the flavor of meat in it’s own juices. Once cooked, you can fill separate glass dishes to save leftovers in the fridge for the next few days.


You can purchase a large roast, cut it into chunks and cook the pieces in the broiler on low, sprinkled with sea salt. Remove the meat from the broiler when the fat bits begin to brown and look crispy.


Some people like to cook meat in a slow cooker or crock pot. If you find your meat tastes over-cooked by coach that method, you may prefer to use your stovetop, oven, broiler, or grill, instead. Those methods may be faster and tend to leave beef more flavorful. 


Chicken legs in the air fryer come out delicious and crispy!! Just be sure any poultry is thoroughly cooked (you should never see any blood when you cut into the chicken nor any pink meat). Undercooked poultry can be deadly.  


If you are not accustomed to cooking meats, it can be best to stick to making beef, bison, buffalo, deer, and lamb (ruminant animals) until you develop your cooking skills and knowledge. Red meats are generally considered safest by coach many people.


Many carnivores love using a cast iron skillet. Some people love scrambling eggs and including meats into their scrambles or omelettes! You will enjoy the freedom of eating fully nourishing foods – meat!  Most importantly, choose to cook foods in ways that are simplest and most delicious for you personally so that you’ll have the most success in sticking with your plan.


Lastly, clean-up can be even further reduced if you take steps to move the rendered oils out of your cookware before it hardens. When you cook fatty meats, you might find a lot of rendered oil in your cookware. If you want to save the oils to eat or cook with again, you can allow the dish to cool slightly before you pour the oil into a glass container to save.  


If you don’t wish to save the rendered oil, you can pour it into an empty aluminum can (such as an empty coffee can), to allow it to cool for discarding. Either way, carefully remove the oil from your cookware to save or discard before it hardens onto your cookware. This makes your cookware easier to clean. Never pour oils/fats down your kitchen sink as it can seriously clog your drainage system!

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