Bruno M reversed heart disease on keto, lost weight and improved hair & skin on carnivore

Twenty years ago, Bruno began his healing journey. He was born prematurely and was diagnosed with a heart condition at a young age. Doctors said he couldn’t exercise, which was hard for him, especially as a teenager. He often got the flu, which sometimes required hospitalization.

Bruno explained his heart had an infection that would not allow blood to pump through it. He had significant heart events—he would collapse, have heart palpitations, and once spent 15 days in the hospital for his heart. He also had a skin rash for years, and as he got older, his hair was receding.

At 20, he decided there must be a way to fix his heart condition. Turning to nutrition, he learned carbs can be a problem. Bruno began a low-carb diet and started to feel better.

In his quest to heal, Bruno came across the vegan documentary Forks Over Knives, which promised what he was looking for—being heart disease-free. But his health worsened as a vegan, and after five months, it rapidly declined. He was chronically tired; he had strong heart flutters and couldn’t exercise; he had skin issues; he was very pale; and he generally looked and felt unwell.

He told himself this was enough and started searching for another way to heal. He landed on keto and did this for seven years. On keto, Bruno ate mostly meat and fat, along with a few veggies. He quit sugar and processed foods but continued to drink black coffee. He rarely drank alcohol. Most of his problems went away, but Bruno wanted all his problems to go away. That’s when he found carnivore, and it made sense to him.

At first, he had a few headaches, which he attributed to an electrolyte imbalance from drinking coffee. Other than that, the transition from keto to carnivore was positive. Bruno says his health rebounded on the carnivore diet.

After two months, the rash he had for years was gone—keto didn’t fix that, but carnivore did—and it never came back. Bruno’s heart condition was stabilized on keto, and it allowed him to run 5 and 10Ks. But with carnivore, his performance was elevated by many levels; he could now run 30 kilometers in one stretch and has done several half marathons. Also, his sleep got better, his hair grew back fuller, and his teeth were no longer sensitive.

Bruno still drinks coffee but is down from four cups to one. He enjoys lamb, beef burgers, ribeyes, and sirloin with butter for fat, bacon, lamb bacon, and cheese once in a while. He says he eats mainly beef. He’s been carnivore for just over a year and a half.

Bruno’s approach to coaching is one of compassion and support. He advises you to listen to your body and not to what everyone else says. He firmly believes we are meant to be healthy!

“I look forward to helping many people achieve their best life.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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