March 3, 2021

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David reduced damage to knees and gained muscle on a carnivore lifestyle

Dave Struggled With Pain Before Carnivore   For many years, David struggled with pain in his knees. He even had knee surgery at just 15 years old. After suffering so much pain, David stopped exercising when he was 23. He describes his diet for most of his life as “standard,” and he even developed a bit of a limp in

Zoe gets optimal body composition and heals hormonal imbalances on a carnivore lifestyle

Zoe’s struggles with weight gain, bloating, and hormonal imbalances Before adopting the carnivore way of eating, Zoe described her life as an “eat less, train more” diet. Like many people, Zoe grew up eating the Standard American Diet. As an adult, she worked in the fitness world and often worked out 7-9 times a week. Zoe describes her prior way

Zack lowered blood pressure and inflammation on a carnivore lifestyle

From Standard American Diet to Carnivore Lifestyle   As a military member, Zack reaps the benefits of living a carnivore lifestyle daily. Zack describes his eating before the carnivore way of life as the Standard American Diet. Zack says he was a bit on the bigger side, even as a child. He lost weight in his teens to join the

Eric kicked depression/anxiety and an opiate addiction on a carnivore diet

Eric’s Early Struggles   Eric’s problems began at an early age. His parents were trying to follow diet guidelines and didn’t understand how carbohydrates could drive eating disorders. He was a heavyset kid, living with great stress from his parents’ failing relationship.    Eric’s diet was the standard American diet (aka “SAD”), which included meat, lots of carbs, and sweets.

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