February 13, 2021

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Lee Anne healed her severe tendinitis, depression, anxiety on a carnivore diet

A Mother’s Search for Answers to Help Her Son with Crohn’s Disease   Lee Anne was on a mission to find answers to her son’s battle with Crohn’s disease. For the past fifteen years, she explored ways to help improve his condition through nutritional intervention and finally found what she had been looking for on a carnivore diet.   Read

Julia improved her life on a carnivore lifestyle

From Plant-Based to Carnivore Diet: A Life-Changing Transformation Julia is 33 years old and has struggled with mental health and weight for most of her life. Since beginning a carnivore diet, Julia has discovered how foods affect her moods and how eating only meat has restored her sense of well-being.   The Impact of Diet on Mental Health: Julia’s Journey

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