February 25, 2020

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Bechelli improves arthritis on a carnivore diet

A Rude Awakening   For Bechelli, a severe and sudden attack of pain and swelling in her right hand rudely awakened her one morning. She could hardly move her hand. Perhaps all the arthritis in her body had moved into her hand, she thought. “It felt like somebody had smashed it with a brick”, she said. She used her left

Katja improves bipolar, ADHD, Aspergers, arthritis on carnivore diet

Traditional Treatment Methods Failed   Katja started the carnivore diet in December of 2018 and believes that it saved her life.   Her depression and anxiety levels had reached a severe level. She feared losing her job due to repeated long-term absences. She became a recluse and wasn’t able to leave her home. She disliked being around people or getting

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