January 27, 2019

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Brandon gained libido, energy, improved metabolic health on carnivore diet

From SAD To Carnivore: My Journey To Health And Fitness   I am a 25-year-old man who has seen incredible changes since going carnivore. I tried many different diets, and a majority of them were not as effective. As of this writing, my weight has dropped to 179 lbs, a level not seen for at least seven years. The last

Robert improved his ulcerative colitis on a carnivore diet

Robert had been suffering from ulcerative colitis for almost a decade, and his gastroenterologist had been giving him advice that didn’t help. Despite years of symptoms and no relief or resolution of his condition, Robert wasn’t getting help from his “gastro telling me that diet doesn’t make a difference and that I should always be eating lots of fruits, veggies,

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