Dom improved autoimmune issues on a carnivore diet

Gradual Transition to Meat-Based Diets

Dom’s journey towards a meat-based diet is a testament to listening to one’s body and taking a holistic approach to health. Before his transition, he used to consume a significant amount of carbohydrates. By 2009, Dom adopted a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet, which initially leaned heavily on dairy products like protein shakes, bars, and other dairy-based consumables.

avoiding Dairy on the carnivore diet

As years rolled by, Dom felt the need to refine his diet further. He decided to shift away from dairy and rely more on meat and organ-based foods. Living on a farm provided him with a bounty of wild game and grass-fed meat, a shift that improved his health gradually. Since his childhood, he had faced autoimmune issues, like eczema. These conditions flared up whenever he strayed from his current dietary approach, but with a meat-focused diet, the issues remained at bay.

A Day of eating on the carnivore diet

Dom’s early approach to nutrition revolved around eating every two to three hours. His meals primarily consisted of chicken, oatmeal, rice, and occasionally sweet potatoes. With time, grains were removed from his diet due to their adverse effects on his eczema. As he delved deeper into his research on the ketogenic diet at the university, he found that including substantial amounts of fat was essential. This discovery led him to incorporate more dairy fats while cutting down dairy proteins.

Transitioning to three meals a day from six, Dom occasionally indulges in a single meal a day once or twice a week. While intermittent fasting intrigues him, maintaining his weight with restricted calorie intake remains a challenge. He emphasizes the satiating nature of a protein and fat-rich diet, noting how it inadvertently reduces calorie consumption.

Blood Glucose and the Carnivore Diet

One fascinating aspect of Dom’s dietary experience is the profound control he has achieved over his blood glucose levels. He believes that a carnivore diet reigns supreme in managing blood glucose compared to any other dietary regimen he has experimented with. Donning a continuous glucose monitor, Dom observed stable glucose and insulin levels, even when his protein consumption exceeded 200 grams daily. This observation counters the common belief that excessive protein might elevate blood glucose levels. The carnivore diet stands out as a beacon for those with type 2 diabetes, presenting a promising approach to manage blood glucose effectively.

unexpected Benefits of the carnivore diet

Dom’s foray into a meat-centric diet didn’t come without its share of pleasant surprises. Eating meat helped correct his eating habits. He found that his cravings reduced significantly, and his energy levels remained steady throughout the day. Such stability proves beneficial for him, especially during long hours of research work. Furthermore, his blood work revealed optimal nutritional statuses, from vitamin D and magnesium to B vitamins. Across the board, from hemoglobin and insulin to markers of systemic inflammation, Dom noticed consistent improvements.


Dom’s story unveils the transformative power of dietary choices. While individual experiences vary, Dom’s journey offers a beacon of hope and a testament to the possibilities that lie within the realm of a meat-based diet.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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