meat and the environment

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Meat has been demonized

is meat bad for the environment?

It has become popular to blame meat production for the majority of our environmental woes. While meat production does have an environmental impact, there is far more nuance to the discussion.


 The belief that stopping the consumption of meat will be a net benefit for the environment is patently false when examined comprehensively. The following information is a great resource to help you understand the complexity of this issue.

Here's Why

Eating less Meat won't save the Planet.

Why did we start blaming them?

Are Cows really Bad for the Planet?




global warming potential and Ruminant Methane

This is a compilation of some great podcasts, videos and a twitter feed mainly on GWP (global warming potential) and what this means in regards to ruminants and methane emissions. GWP accounts for the different life spans of different greenhouse gases in assessing global warming potential of these different trace gases. Methane is short lived (due to hydroxyl oxidation). So when converted to CO2 equivalents, methane (especially enteric methane) is being way over-accounted in all the discussions on climate change.

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