Guest instructions

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Welcome to Revero, and thanks for being a guest speaker at our Community VIP Meeting. 

  • This will be a Zoom Video Chat with Dr. Shawn Baker & Revero members in the meeting. Please download the zoom app here
  • The entire session will be recorded and published on the Revero YouTube channel, podcasts, etc. 
Program (1 hour):
After going live to YouTube, Shawn will start off by saying hello, and then he’ll ask you to briefly share about yourself for listeners.  Afterward, you’ll engage in a casual conversation relating to your specialized experience, and can focus the discussion on any areas of particular interest to you.  Meanwhile, there will be a Q&A from our member participants who can share their questions through the chat, which Shawn will then ask you.
  • Share your details: Please feel free to send us your preferred photo, and a brief biography to post on our site and social media.  Otherwise, we’ll use what we find most compelling online.
  • Set the Scene: Ensure your head and shoulders are in frame, with your head in the center of the camera, and on a direct front angle. Choose a nice background, with good lighting. We recommend using your computer’s camera.  If you are using your phone put it in a horizontal position for LANDSCAPE view and set it somewhere stable like a tripod.
  • Connect: At your scheduled time, please join our Zoom Meeting: 

    Meeting ID: 912 3599 1917

    Passcode: 123

Please contact with any questions.


Please note: Due to copyright we cannot share the raw video with you, but after we publish it on our Youtube channel you are welcome to share the Youtube link on your website

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