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Fasting is the voluntary abstinence from nutrition for a predetermined time period.  It is not the same as starvation which is generally a non voluntary situation.

Weight loss, improvements in blood glucose, enhanced performance or cognition, improvements in certain medical conditions.

If practiced appropriately, fasting can and should be very safe and potentially very beneficial 

In general pregnant or nursing women, children, those that are currently under nourished or those with anorexic eating disorders should avoid fasting 

Yes, fasts can be classified by duration, frequency and types of nutrition allowed 

Yes, but it is generally suggested that they obtain the support out there healthcare provider while doing so.

Yes, dehydration, hypoglycemia, exacerbation of reflux, gout, refeeding syndrome

It can be initially, but most find it becomes fairly easy with some practice

That is a potential issue, but can generally be avoided if fasting is implemented correctly 

No, fasting is not an excuse to eat an unhealthy diet.

Yes, many can and do exercise in a fasted state.

Often many people report minimal hunger during a fast, particularly as time goes by.  Although hunger can definitely appear early on.

While many people experience similar benefits and issues, many people can have a unique or uncommon experience with fasting.

Yes, the scientific literature is full of studies on this topic, many of which show significant benefits. See our research library

Yes, many diabetics see a significant improvement in their disease when including well planned fasting in their routine.

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