Tiffany carnivore lifestyle helped her overcome decades of sugar addiction and carb binges

Tiffany has changed her life and her health thanks to the carnivore diet. Tiffany grew up eating what she describes as a healthier version of the Standard American Diet. Tiffany says she began adding more grains and sugar to her diet once she became an adult. At that time, she also developed a sugar and carbohydrate addiction.

Tiffany describes feeling out of control with her addiction for almost twenty years. She says she became an adult in the ‘90s and, unfortunately, bought into the narrative of low-fat diets. She often ate carb and sugar-heavy foods, labeled as low-fat, and also had regular sugar binges.

Tiffany gained a lot of weight in those twenty years, peaking in 2015 at 260 pounds. She knew something had to give. Tiffany began to eliminate processed sugar from her diet. This action allowed her to lose approximately fifty pounds, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2018, when she started intermittent fasting and following the paleo diet, that she lost the bulk of her weight.

By the summer of 2019, Tiffany had lost over 130 pounds altogether. Tiffany describes feeling better, having lost so much weight on the paleo diet and intermittent fasting, but she still experienced bloating, sugar cravings, and the occasional sugar binges. She knew her food addiction was not fully healed.

Tiffany is a teacher, and while on winter break in 2019, she read Dr. Shawn Baker’s book “The Carnivore Diet.” Tiffany decided to join a challenge for the month of January as a part of “The World Carnivore Month.” Once she started the diet, Tiffany felt terrific and had much more energy and stable moods than she had experienced on previous diets. Tiffany has six grandsons and feels she has much more energy than people expect her to have to keep up with them.

She even had a few surprising side effects from following the carnivore way of eating. Tiffany describes having a bit of a belly and not having any hips before finding the carnivore lifestyle. Now that she has been following the carnivore diet, she tells how it has changed her body fat distribution. Her waist is now smaller, but her hips have some curves, giving her a more womanly shape. She also says she had been developing some age spots, even when she was following the paleo diet. Now that she is a carnivore follower, those spots have disappeared.

Tiffany says the most significant benefit of the carnivore diet for her has been how it has helped her heal her food addiction. She does not crave carbs or sugar and has not experienced a single sugar binge while following the carnivore way of life.

A typical day for Tiffany involves eating two meals a day. Tiffany enjoys a cup of coffee mid-morning, though she hopes to give up coffee eventually. She then goes on to have lunch and dinner, usually eating beef. However, Tiffany does enjoy chicken, fish, and pork from time to time. She also says she eats some dairy, but only on special occasions as it affects her.

Tiffany says, “I like to tell my story.” She goes on to say as a fifty-year-old woman; she is sad that the typical American narrative is for women to gain weight and struggle with their health the older they get. Tiffany says she is thankful she has turned her life and health around. She feels everyone should try the carnivore way of eating because everyone has “a potential for change.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

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