Role of taurine in the pathogenesis of obesity

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Journal: Molecular Nutrition and Food Research

Publication Date: 03/2015

 Summary: In this review, I summarize the effects of taurine on the progression of obesity in animal models and humans. A global epidemiological survey showed that a 24-h urinary taurine excretion, as a biomarker of dietary taurine intake, was inversely associated with BMI, blood pressure, and plasma cholesterol in humans. In addition, taurine chloramine, an endogenous product derived from activated neutrophils, has been reported to suppress obesity-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in adipocytes. Furthermore, I discuss possible mechanisms underlying the antiobesity effects of taurine.

Key Takeaways

Taurine is a nutrient only found in animal foods that has been shown to prevent the negative effects associated with obesity. More taurine consumed in the diet showed lower BMI, blood pressure, and plasma cholesterol. Taurine also suppresses obesity related inflammation.

Taurine: A Key Nutrient in Animal Products that Fights Obesity

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