Wendy V.V.


Experience in: weight loss, skin aging, rosacea, acne, lichen sclerosus, energy, mental clarity

Hi, my name is Wendy V.V. and I’ve been following a Carnivore diet for 3+ years now. With a Carnivorous diet, I’ve lost 20 lbs, reversed skin aging, clarified my skin (in various ways–everything from rosacea and acne to lichen sclerosus), gained incredible energy (that is sustained from the moment I wake up to the late evening), and also reached peak mental/emotional clarity. The sacrifice of all other foods can hardly be considered just that when I compare it against all the benefits I’ve been experiencing (they’re still compounding) on this diet.  On a personal level, I am an excellent coach for my fellow man; all my life I’ve been in service to listening, inspiring and helping the people around me reach their highest potential.  I am calm, steadfast, positive, caring, and quite honestly, incapable of giving up…I will not let you fail!

I know changing your diet is hard, traumatizing even—but more than that, I know that feeling strong, healthy and sexy is better than any temporary pleasure, and more worthy of your time/money/energy/inner peace.


Thank you for reading my profile, regardless on if you call upon me, I wish you the best!!



Wendy V.V.

B.A., O.R.D.M., C.C.C.


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