Vicki W


Experience in: chronic joint and muscle pain, PCOS, menstrual dysfunction, athletic performance


  • Australian based Exercise Physiologist and Movement therapist/Pilates Instructor. Carnivore coach with Revero Health.
  • Cycling coach, Ex-Professional Road cyclist
  • Soft tissue therapist/Remedial massage therapist
  • Enjoy working with clients to transform their metabolic health


Do you have chronic joint and muscle pain?

As an Exercise Physiologist and massage therapist I have helped a wide and diverse range of people return to full function and movement after an injury or episodes of pain- whether that be following a sports injury, following knee and hip replacement surgery or when injured at work.

I firmly believe that whilst not the miracle cure, the Carnivore diet and its ability to dramatically decrease systemic inflammation has a powerful role in healing people with musculoskeletal pain. In conjunction with powerful behaviour therapy and mindset changing approaches, I am passionate about helping people return to what the love to do, often without the need for medical surgeries and medications


Are you a woman suffering from PCOS and menstrual dysfunction?

As a Professional cyclist, racing and winning races in Europe,I thought it was quite convenient to not have a period. How naïve and misinformed I was! These issues ultimately lead to the heart ache and infertility issues following my retirement.

I am passionate about spreading the word of  the immense role that animal based nutrition has in addressing PCOS and the infertility consequences it can have in women from around the world.

Do you aspire to high levels of athletic performance?

Whilst retired from the professional cycling ranks, I’m certainly still a competitive bike racer! I currently compete with the highest ranked womens’ cycling team on the Zwift cycling platform where I win races consuming only meat and some dairy!

The research is now thoroughly convincing that endurance sports such as marathon running and multi-day events can successfully be competed in the absence of carbohydrates. Equally a competitive body builder can reach the peak of their body composition goals on a carnivore diet.

What is the potential for an athlete that needs to execute 15 sec maximal sprints or 2 min all out efforts?I can assure you that it can certainly be achieved and I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you.


Have you been trying the LCHF/Keto lifestyle for a while but are not getting the results you’re looking for?

I followed a Low Carb Health Fat diet for 3 years before transitioning to a Carnivore way of eating. Yes, LCHF certainly solved some major health issues. However, the carnivore diet and its additional healing qualities has resulted in truly optimal health, endless amounts of energy and peak athletic performance to win Elite level bike races in my mid 40s!

Specifically, I have loved the mental clarity and calmess, which has also been well received by  was well received in my family, friends and colleagues!


If you said yes to any of the above questions, then some one on one coaching sessions with me could be exactly what you need to move forward.

I would love to help you in your journey of sustained animal based nutrition which is self empowering and truly sustainable.


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