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Experience in: gut, skin, joint, mental, ulcerative colitis, leukocytoclastic vasculitis, gastritis

Hi! My name is Tyler and I struggled for years with gut, skin, energy, mood, and cognitive issues! I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, leukocystclastic vasculitis (an autoimmune skin condition that appeared on the lower half of my body), and gastritis.

My Story

I used to have a hard time getting out of bed most days, struggled with my mental health, and at times was in so much pain I had to be prescribed heavy painkillers just to sleep!

Everything changed when I started the carnivore diet. Day 1, my pain went away. Over the course of the first week, my cognitive function, mood, and energy levels skyrocketed. I felt like I was high! I feel like a new person and this diet let me be myself again.

My Coaching

I’m not perfect and have slipped up many times. However, I have developed strategies that work for me to stay consistent and disciplined in order to keep my health. Everyone is different, but I share these strategies with my clients to help them on their journey back to optimal health.

I understand that everyone is different. One person may need more of one thing, another may need more of the opposite. I am NOT dogmatic about this diet and care solely about the RESULTS that you achieve by doing what you are doing.

Since being a carnivore coach I have helped people with the following conditions:

  • Ulcerative colitis
  • GERD/Acid reflux
  • Skin conditions
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Joint pain
  • Sleep
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Maintaining consistency on the diet

About Me

Outside of the diet, I am an entrepreneur, recording musician, and jiu jitsu/MMA fanatic. My background is in conservation and law enforcement and though I love that line of work, I decided to leave that path to pursue my own business and live a life with more freedom.

6 reviews for Tyler F

  1. Tyler Maxwell (verified owner)

    Tyler F. was a great coach! He has a vast amount knowledge and experience with the carnivore diet. He was able to answer any of my questions and also gave me lots of tips on switching over as well.

    He’s also very laid back and easy to talk to. He is not judgmental at all when talking about personal issues.

    I recommend Tyler as a coach!

  2. Francesco (verified owner)

    Tyler is amazing to work with, he was able to address all my concerns and the changes he suggested have positively impacted my carnivore journey! Will schedule monthly check-ins!

  3. Ben (verified owner)

    Had a great session with Tyler the other day. He was able to address my concerns with the diet and also offered some excellent tips that I can take going forward. He is a super honest an open guy and was able to give me a better insight into his carnivore journey and what to expect on mine.
    I would absolutely recommend Tyler as a coach.

  4. Ahmed Layouni (verified owner)

    My session with Tyler was up to the point and covered much more than the questions I had. He didn’t mind going a bit over time, to provide proper coaching and share insightful details. He listens well, answers precisely and shows genuine interest about the specifics of my case before sharing perfectly tailored recommendations. To top it all, he’s very polite and easy going, the session couldn’t go any better.

    Thanks a lot Tyler, definitely recommend!

  5. NIRMAL PATEL (verified owner)

    I am happy to write a review for Tyler as a nutrition coach, as he was truly excellent in his approach and expertise.

    From the very beginning of our coaching relationship, Tyler demonstrated a deep understanding of the science of nutrition and how to effectively communicate it to his clients. He took the time to understand my goals and challenges, and developed a personalized plan that was both realistic and effective.

    Throughout our coaching sessions, Tyler provided a wealth of knowledge on various topics related to nutrition, including meal planning, macronutrient ratios, and dietary supplements. He was always available to answer questions and provide support when needed, and his positive attitude and encouragement helped keep me motivated and on track.

    I also appreciated Tyler’s flexibility and willingness to adjust the plan as needed. He was open to feedback and always looking for ways to improve the plan to better suit my needs.

    Overall, I highly recommend Tyler as a nutrition coach. His expertise, professionalism, and dedication to his clients make him an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being through better nutrition.

  6. Elena Baker (verified owner)

    Tyler was a pleasure speaking to. He made me feel like I am not alone with my condition. Tyler answered all my questions and gave me some very good information to help with my condition. I am looking forward to talking to him again as I go through my journey of healing.
    Thank you Tyler

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