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Experience in: performance, fat loss, relationship with food

My name is Tony Pascolla, I am a physical education teacher, sport coach and fitness instructor. I have been involved with coaching and athletics for over 13 years.
I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. Ever since I can remember, my weight has yo-yoed up and down. I was very overweight when I was a kid and wanted to make a change. I fell in love with competing in sports and working out. The one thing that was always lacking was my nutrition. I was always given the advice that athletes should be on a high carbohydrate diet.
I would constantly feel sluggish on a high carb diet and seem to easily gain weight, regardless of how hard I made my workouts. After years of being on various diets, I found myself on a keto diet and that eventually lead me to the carnivore diet.
Once I started the carnivore diet, there was no turning back. My athletic performance improved, I lost body fat and established a better relationship with food.
In 2021 I had a goal, to complete a full Ironman race. Most people thought I was crazy to compete in an Ironman race, let alone do it on an animal based diet. I set out on a yearlong journey to train and compete as a carnivore. In November of 2021, I completed the AZ Ironman as a Carnivore Athlete!
Thank you for considering me as your Coach, I hope to one day hear your story and work with you to reach your goals.







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