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Bloating, cravings & binge eating, anxiety & panic attacks, fatigue, hypoglycaemia, migraines, perimenopausal symptoms, weight loss

Hello, my name is Tira, and I am excited to have recently certified as a coach with Revero.

Having just returned to New Zealand, I am a Nationally Recognised Nutritionist in Australia and a member of the Nutrition Council Australia.

The health benefits of meat became very apparent to me when I became paleo in 2014 after my health hit an all-time low as a consequence of being vegetarian for much of my life. Going keto in 2018 improved my health further, but I was still struggling. Fully carnivore since October 2019, I now feel younger in my 50s than I ever did in my 20s!

I’ve had personal experience with the following:

  • Bloating
  • Cravings & binge eating
  • Anxiety & panic attacks
  • Fatigue
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Migraines
  • Perimenopausal symptoms
  • Weight loss

Passionate about raising awareness about the nutrition misinformation spread by the media.

Possessing strong empathy and compassion for others, I see it as my mission to help as many people as possible achieve their health and wellness goals.

Let me help you adapt to and realise the benefits of a meat-based diet!

5 reviews for Tira C

  1. Dylan Swift

    I have benefited greatly from Tira’s guidance, always have I been an advocate of healthy eating, thought I knew as much as I needed to know to stay healthy, until Tira. Now I am experiencing a fuller, More energetic, healthier lifestyle than I thought possible. Any time I need a question answered, Tira is always there with the information 95% off the top of her head, what she is not sure of Tira will not tell you fibbs or what you want to hear, she will research the subject and find you an answer

  2. Steven (verified owner)

    Would recommend Tira, she figured out a big gap in my carnivore diet that I never even realized could be a issue in the first 10min of us talking. Looking forward to future sessions.

  3. Erin (verified owner)

    It was lovely to talk with Tira today. She is so easy to talk and I was certainly recommend. And so nice to talk wit another kiwi.

  4. Loretta

    Tira was kind, made sure she answered all of my questions, and was a great source of information! Definitely feel that Tira helped to set me up for success.

  5. Susan Myers (verified owner)

    Tira was able to answer all of my questions I had about my struggles staying the course on Carnivore and most of all my menopausal issues! She explained how I had to make fat a priority and gave me great tips with my bingeing issues. She shared her own experience in life with all the diets that were so similar to my own!, which helped me tremendously! She gave me tips and tricks (analogies if you will) to help me to better understand the healing protocol of carnivore as well as the weight loss benefits without having the feeling that I am missing out, especially at parties. I only had made it 45 days between March & May and then fell off with ice cream and bingeing again on the weekends. So today?, after our call yesterday, I am starting 90 days and hopefully that will transition to permanently ! I fully recommend Tira for coaching.😊 As a new member of the Revero Community she also aided me in how to get into a community online support group as I have successfully stayed off Facebook and IG for 3 years ♥️

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