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Experience in: autoimmunity, rheumatoid arthritis, SIBO, chronic fatigue, constipation, type 2 diabetes

Hello, I’m Sylvia! I am super passionate about the Carnivore Diet because it allowed me to reverse my autoimmunity (rheumatoid arthritis). I was in so much pain for so many years but I refused to take conventional treatments because it only managed my symptoms while destroying my liver.


My body responded to the Carnivore Diet within 10 days; 80% of my symptoms went away.  In a couple months, I was running again and doing yoga. Next step, of course, was to start coaching in order to help others!


I am also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, with a specialization in overcoming mental and emotional challenges.


Experience with:

  • autoimmunity
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • SIBO
  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic constipation
  • diabetes type II
  • fertility
  • pregnancy
  • children’s nutrition


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7 reviews for Sylvia M

  1. Daniel Wajsman (verified owner)

    Great coach session.
    Sylvia is very knowledgeable and willing to help.
    Highly recommended

  2. Amy

    Wow! Thanks to Sylvia, my gut issues are GONE! I was eating tons of foods that were igniting my bloating, stomach pains and always feeling tired. I honestly didn’t realize how damaging the foods I was eating were. Until, I started working with Sylvia. Through proper coaching from Sylvia, my gut issues are gone, I feel rejuvenated, I sleep better and the list goes on. Her highly trained coaching is incredible. My husband is also feeling and doing better. My kids are certainly extremely happy. I am forever grateful for Sylvia!

  3. Vemund (verified owner)

    Sylvia provided so much valuable insight
    (an incredible amount in 30minutes),
    while at the same time listening, asking, and guiding regarding my specific situation.
    It was also wonderful to see example of such a thriving carnivore.
    After the session I feel ready to continue my carnivore journey.
    Thank you so much Sylvia!

  4. Stephen Fenske (verified owner)

    I am thankful I came across Sylvia, she is a kind and compassionate person and is very knowledgable in leaky gut and other gut issues that cause Autoimmune Conditions as well as how to reverse them by using the carnimore diet. She has helped me put together a plan for my specific situation that will help me heal going forward. I look foward to providing her with updates and working with her more!

  5. Bader (verified owner)

    I had a very outstanding session with Sylvia.
    She is knowledgeable, having a logical explanation, I was listening to her YouTube channel which are amazing, and did great 1:1 coaching session with her. I highly recommend her as a carnivore coach

  6. John Sierra (verified owner)

    Great coach. I look forward to speaking with her again next week. Very knowledgeable!

  7. Andrea Pelle (verified owner)

    Super! Very prepared and kind!im looking forward to our next meeting!

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