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Experience in: intestinal distress, chronic fatigue, blood sugar, anxiety, vertigo

Don’t live in fear. Get HEALTHY instead!


In these crazy times, getting truly healthy is more important than ever. Whether you’re overweight, having issues with fertility, or suffering from a seemingly endless list of auto-immune issues, digestive issues, or mental health issues, carnivore WILL HELP HEAL YOU!

The concept is incredibly simple. When you feed your body what it’s designed to eat, EVERYTHING starts working the way it should. That means that your immune system will get stronger, your body composition will finally change, your reproductive organs start working again, and any of your other seemingly random ailments start to fade.  It is NOT natural or normal to have digestive issues, trouble conceiving, heart problems, auto immune disease, or chronic anxiety/depression.

It IS normal and natural to wake up with energy and without pain or discomfort. And, there’s no need to micromanage every step of the way to healing with supplements and tracking every bite/calorie/macro. Simply eat animal products and eat until you’re not hungry anymore. That’s it. There are other factors that make a difference, but when you start here, everything else is easier.

Now, that being said, making a massive lifestyle change and shifting your body towards health is NOT easy right off the bat. In reality, it’s a MASSIVE change to your system and it will come with some hurdles that are unique to each person.

Since going first Paleo 12 years ago, and then Carnivore 3 years ago, I’ve run into many (if not all) of these hurdles myself, and am well equipped to help you overcome them. Whether it’s the physical transition, the mental challenges, or the potential emotional roller-coaster  related to emotional eating, I promise to help support you through each step. I won’t say it’s always going to be easy, but I will say it will be INCREDIBLY worth it. You’ll be amazed at how life changes when you start feeling the way we were intended. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING gets easier. From work, sleep, personal relationships, exercise, and overall mood.

A little about me


I grew up in Upstate NY, but am currently on the road with my husband, son, and dog! I have a love of the outdoors, rock climbing, and painting.  I worked in the architecture field for 15 years, but after a crazy journey of healing through Paleo and then Carnivore, I ended up here!

 I have a history of the following health issues:

– Delayed puberty and inconsistent and/or completely absent cycles from 17-34 yo
– Lifelong, daily intestinal distress (you name it, I had it)
– Chronic fatigue
– Blood sugar roller coaster (which contributes to mood roller coaster!)
– Anxiety & Vertigo
I’ve overcame ALL of these through diet, and without medications. I also had my first baby last year, at home, at the “geriatric” age of 35, after having been carnivore for 1.5 years. I see fertility being a huge issue among my age range and would love to help couples with this challenge.


I spent some time living in Nice, France and can manage pretty well with French. If you speak French and some English, I think we should be able to work together just fine!


Don’t live in fear. Get HEALTHY instead! I can’t wait to work with you.




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